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Story behind set:
Whilst I was working at the exhibition before going to Alice Lee’s show, a few people were in the exhibition having a look at the A/W 12 collections. They were mainly people from magazines, press and buyers. There was this one girl who I spotted talking to a designer and I couldn’t look away because I have to say...she had the most AMAZING green hair! Forgive me for staring, as it was hard not to. 
Her style was really striking and exuberant in my opinion. I don’t remember exactly what she wore but coherently in my mind, it was a colourful printed dress with a jacket, printed tights and flat shoes I think. But, it was really her green hair, which stood out. It was quite wavy and pinned up in a tidy way. I really liked it! I was too fascinated by her hair rather than her outfit. 
This set is a resemblance of the girl’s outfit - something colourful, quirky, and lots of print. I used the green flats to add a resemblance to the green hair. I think she was from a fashion magazine because she began interviewing designers and had a voice recorder to record the conversations. Afterwards she used her Nikon camera, which had a Canon EOS strap to take photographs of the designer with their exhibition. 
Then suddenly out of nowhere she approached me because she thought I would be Alice Lee! Oh little did she know. I had to explain to her that Alice will be available after her show and will be putting out her new A/W 12 collection because currently at the time, her S/S 12 collection was only on display. 
I was at the exhibition for a few hours until the show and I noticed that there were so many stylish people from the industry! They had really fun outfits and some were quite casual smart, but I have to say it was the girl with the green hair was my favourite and this was inspiration of this set :) I added the Burberry umbrella in as it was raining after I left!

By the way...the picture of the girl in the dipped dyed green hair in this set wasn’t the one I saw at the exhibition (though I should have gotten a picture of her) just using the picture for reference :)

The flats are by Le Bunny Bleu and this is their website
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