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Finally the weekends. I downloaded the Little Things MV for free today, which is awesome. iTunes has this 12 days of Christmas event going on and on the 11th day, the Little Things MV is free! Go get it all you 1D lovers :)

I just came back from Chinatown and I had a pleasant surprise there. McDonald's had this flash mob, which was really unexpected and entertaining! The dance moves were great, had this whole 'lion dance' theme going on. After they finished dancing, a real lion dance was performed! Love those. I am excited that Chinese New Year is next month. That means more red, more oranges, and much more treats to eat! My tummy is ready. 

PS: First set of 2013, yay!

I was tagged by: @i-talk-to-trees

[]You have long hair
[]You have medium legth hair
[x]You have short hair (it's a pixie cut :))
[]You're blonde
[]You're brunette
[]You're ginger
[x]You have an other hair colour (Black!)
[]You have naturally strait hair
[x]You have naturally wavy hair
[]You have naturally curly hair
[]You have blue eyes
[]You have green eyes
[]You have hazel eyes
[x]You have brown eyes
[]You have grey eyes
[]You weigh over 50kg
[x]You weigh under 50kg
[]You have pale skin
[x]You have tan skin (but I don't do sports :p)
[]You have dark skin
[x]You have no piercings
[]You have one piercing
[]You have two piercings
[]You have three piercings
[]You have four piercings
[]You have five piercings
[]You have six or more piercings

Now here goes my tagging: @sparklingpearl @patpatkay @floralbeauteous @dreamer1983 @deercat 

You can do it at the comments section, if you wish :)
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