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Nicolette Astor // TB

Nicolette "Nic" Astor, 20.
(Cailin Russo)

Melissa Jean Harlow-Astor, 43.
An critically acclaimed American actress with a few Oscar nominations and Golden Globe awards under her belt, Melissa was the typical starlet. She accepted well written roles, kept her appearance youthful, and brought her love of dramatics into her personal affairs. She relishes in the attention she's been given after all these years and had a whirl wind romance with Morgan during during her twenties. She married, had baby Nicolette, and moved to Switzerland, leaving behind her beloved Hollywood. She continued to accept roles and keep up appearances, but in the most recent years has slowly fizzled from the hot Hollywood scene. Melissa blames it on turning 40 or the distance from Geneva to Los Angeles, but has now found another hobby - being the perfect housewife. She plays tennis, dabbles in interior design, and holds luncheons frequently. She's a firm business women and believes in the brand of the Astor legacy, pushing her kids into the limelight especially little Gabrielle whom Melissa believes to be the next Shirley Temple. 
(Cate Blanchett)

Morgan Astor, 45.
The patriarch of the family and eldest of the three Astor boys, Morgan assumed responsibility in continuing the family's namesake in finance. He's a charming businessman with a good sense of humor which many say Nic seemed to inherit. He works around the clock, taking business calls at all hours of the night from his clients overseas, usually from America. There has been a few rumors about money laundering, but they're just simply rumors which Morgan brushes off as too many Hollywood films about offshore accounts. He's very intelligent and when he is available can be a great father to his precious little girls. However, his marriage is crumbling with Melissa, who is convinced he is having an extramarital affair and spends money excessively on vapid material items. Morgan simply can't stand her anymore and is seeking comfort in his old prescription pills from a back injury a few years ago. He's trying to keep it a secret but now it's starting to affect his work.
(Rob Lowe)

Gabrielle Astor, 12.
A bright and bubbly preteen, Gabrielle is the air of youth in the Astor household. She's constantly laughing and is exceptionally gifted at an array of performance arts. Melissa has her signed up in a local ballet company and is starting her in acting lessons, convinced that she is the new wave of Hollywood talent. Gabrielle and Nic are very close and Gaby idolized her older sister. However, she is not oblivious to Nic's problems and has a hard time seeing her older sister as a drug addict. With her teenage years near and her first year out of elementary school, Gaby is growing up and starting to see the dark side of adolescence. 
(Thylane Blondeau)

Logan McKinley, 20.
The first love of Nic's life as the bad boy American at Stanford University. He comes from a wealthy family and nice neighborhood but was a tireless partier in high school and continued the habit into college. He got into Stanford partly because of his family and of his athletic promise as a tight end for the football team. He's spoiled, irresponsible, arrogant, manipulative, and extremely attractive. From the second he heard some Swiss heiress was going to be on campus, he knew he was going to score with her. He introduced Nic to the party scene and more importantly to drugs. He was an avid user of pot and the occasional line of blow. However, he didn't expect that he would actually grow to care about Nic, more than any other of his other flings. With Nic's departure from school, she's cut ties with Logan but would go back to him in a heartbeat.
(Colton Haynes)

Connor Camden, 27.
Recent divorcee and entrepreneur, Connor is trying to put his life back together. He was born and raised in London, England and had dreams of opening his own restaurant in the English Riviera that he had vacationed in as a child. He went to school for business and management and seemed to be living out his dream life when he was 25 and opened a seafood restaurant looking over the beautiful beaches of Torquay with his new wife, Penelope. He was a loving husband and an overall nice guy, but blind to his wife's deceit. She left him for another man and faxed over the divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences. Since then, Connor has kept his distance from the dating scene and focused on work, losing his light humor and gentle nature. Nic's seen him around town and can't help to notice the instant chemistry between them.
(Paul Wesley)

Nic is currently taking a break from university but plans to return when she's sober, although her parents want her to transfer to another school in the area, perhaps in San Francisco. At Stanford, Nic was taking mostly math and business classes to follow in her father's footsteps and assume the family business, but Nic's not thrilled about it. She'd rather be studying art or art history and pursuing her true talent in painting, which her parents had ignored countless times. As of right now, she's set with her parent's money but with the threat of being cut off from her inheritance, Nic is starting to get concerned. 

A usual at the Palo Alto clubs and a frequent visitor of San Francisco, Nic is constantly out partying with Logan and her circle of friends at Stanford. She loves dancing with guys she barely knows and having them buy her drinks. She spends a lot of money on clothing and premium cigarettes. When she left Geneva, she left all of her responsibilities at home behind. She no longer fears of seeing her parents daily and is taking full advantage. In her mind, it's all suppressed angst from her high school days but she's quickly getting swept up in the glamour of popularity. She cuts class daily, usually to go hang around with Logan. She's not proud of the things she's done but also thinks that her parents are being a little extreme. Can't a girl have some fun?
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