String art is an easy craft and they make pretty cool decorations as well :) I've made a few, and they're so easy and fun. :)

-Wooden plank
-String (Different colors if you want)
-Plenty of Nails
-Sheet of Paper


-Take your plank of wood, and paint it if you would like. Let dry

-Once it's dry, cover the wood with the sheet of paper, and tape it in the back to keep it on.

-Trace the pattern you would like onto the sheet of paper. You can do a square, a heart, a star... etc.

-Nail the nails into the traced line. Space them about an inch and a half apart from each other.

-Once you have all the nails in, take away the paper

-Take your string and weave it across and in between the nails. Experiment with how you work with the string and find cool ways to weave and twist it. Use different colors if you want :)

-Tie the ends of the string to a nail and cut away the excess.

-And Ta daa! You have string art! You can display it on a wall or a bookshelf :)

If you like thsi tip or have soemthing to add, PM me or comment :)


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