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+A Team by Ed Sheeran
 | Sophie M. Laurence | 
SOO excited for this roleplay<3
FROM: Malibu, California
TO: New York, New York

Carly, Kylee, Mirian, Sequoia, & Maggie are Sophie's best friends. The girls know how to have a good time and are always there for each other. It was fate that they met each other because they were made for one another and when they're together, they're unstoppable. 
Meaghan Laurence (Marloes Horst) is Sophie's little sister. She's 19 years old and is attending college back home in California. The two girls are very close and try to talk whenever they can. Sophie is always looking out for Meaghan. 
Liam Connors (23) 
Hometown: New York, New York 
Career: Aspiring journalist, interns at NY Times, and works part-time at Jerry’s Coffee Shop 
Liam has been best friends with Sophie ever since her first day in the city. She used to work at a quaint little coffee shop with him. They always hang out together, and will always be friends, but they have their moments when they think they're "something more." 
Model: Zac Efron
Relationship Status: Best friends with Sophie, and secretly wants to date her…again
 Ronald "Ronnie" Davis (30)
 Hometown: Montreal, Canada
 Career: Modeling Director
 Ronnie works at the modeling agency with Sophie. He's in her department and comes off as this sweet older guy, but in reality he's a womanizer. Ronnie is always flirting with Sophie, and she lets him even though she knows his ways. 
 Model: Channing Tatum
 Relationship Status: If it was up to him, he would be dating the whole city (has a thing for Sophie though)
Drew Miller (20)
Hometown: Malibu, California
Career: Actor (minor parts as of now)
Drew is one of Meaghan's, Sophie's sister, friends. Sophie and Drew have always been crushing on each other since high school, but nothing ever came out of it besides a little flirting. But Drew is still in California, but he still comes up in her thoughts sometimes. 
Model: Chace Crawford 
Relationship Status: Does his own thing in Cali, but still has that fantasy crush on Sophie from their high school days
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