been in my drafts
so I added some new shapes
I reallly like the lines

kay so I started talking to some guys back home that used to really like me but we were always just friends, cause I had a boyfriend, and I wasnt really into them like that...but now I've messaged all of them and teased them into thinking they have a chance, but I'm an awful girlfriend.
I also told B that I cheated on himover text, cause me, being the genius that I am, was like "hey, I'm high ask me questions cause I'm more truthful right now" and like right off the bat hes like "is there anything you've been afraid to tell me"
so I told him and he got mad
and I went over my phone min so I cant call
I feel like shit
I'm actually not that wonderful. my ideas can be but I'm a tease and I play a part. but none of these guys actually mean anything, like theres never been such strong connection. like I care about them, but this connection is unable to be reproduced. its like a passion and instant and agreeable..I cant describe it but only a few of the guys up here have brought it out of me, and they're the ones I care about. mostly. 
pllus I'm still stuck on D
I don't want to get back with B. but he didn't deserve to have his heart broken again. so he said we could meet when I got back but that he didnt want to talk anymore
and the worst is I was up until 3 so I missed my class and have to do a makeup tomorrow morning instead. >.< to get the points back, but at least thats offered, otherwise I'd fail
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