// Friends Like You // by Bowling For Soup
Tuesday. July 30, 2013
❤ NEW FAN-FIC COMING OUT SOON!!! It's going to be an All Time Low one. Woo! Got to admit I'm pretty darn excited for this one. I'm going to make a cover set for it and I was wondering if that when i do make the cover set if one of you will be so kind as to clip it for me? I'd of course do something for you in return (50 set likes sound good?) I'll make the cover set either today or tomorrow. You'll know it when you see it. 
p.s. if you'd like to be apart of the story tag-list for my ATL fan-fic comment below please. Thank you! ❤
Have a wonderful day, and know that you are loved! If you would like to join my tag-list please comment down below or pm me saying so. You are most welcome to this small but growing family! Until we meet on this side of the computer screen, arrivederci.

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