WHOLOCK | A Study in Time

WHOLOCK | A Study in Time
Moderated by riverkentvalley.
(Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes roleplay group created on February of 2012)
•Rules for Auditioning•
•Choose a character from the Audition list**:
Rory Williams (@topaz-39)
The 9th Doctor - Available
Donna Noble - Available
The 10th Doctor - Available
Rose Tyler - Available
Clara Oswald - Available
Jenny - Available
Marthe Jones - Available
Capt. Jack Harkness - Available
The 11th Doctor - Available
The Master - Available
Prof. River Song - Available
Mickey Smith - Available
Amy Pond - Available
Mels - Available
Sherlock Holmes - (@baker-street-girl)
Greg Lestrade (@tophat-95)
Irene Adler (@mischieffoal)
John Watson - Available
Molly Hooper -Available
Mycroft Holmes - Available
Jim Moriarty - Available
Mrs. Hudson - Available
•Write a 100-300 word biography of the character of your choice.
•Write a drabble (100 word story), starring the character of your choice.
•Proofreading is a must.
•You may audition for two characters--one from Sherlock and one from Doctor Who--but not two characters from the same show.
•Instructions for Roleplaying•
•Keep the drama in your stories.
•No swearing/cursing within your stories.
•PG-PG-13 rated stories only.
•No "Slash" stories
•The group moderator will be in the MAIN villain within the roleplay. Challenging and keeping the plot of the stories on track.
•A person(s) will be tagged to write a given Chapter. If you are tagged to write a Chapter, you must follow the “Chapter Outline”. You are still allowed to be creative with how to write within that outline, but the endings of your stories must still be able to smoothing transition into the next Chapter
**If you would like a character that is not in the audition list, please contact me and I will add it to the list.
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