she had been dreaming of this for all of her life, and this movement helped her win big. she thought of it as a numinous event. it had happened before, but in a dream. was she dreaming again? it was her escape. she was going to be free, once and for all.

she was casual, yet very sophisticated with an odd manner, a thing where she tends to go off and hide by herself, amused by the mere silence. she stood in the clearing, her chin up, looking at the dark sky. suddenly, there it was. a scintilla. it was tiny, but she knew it was what it did. that counted.

she opened her mouth and yelled 'dreaming is my escape!' as a completely aleatory person. she took the world by chance, and nowhere near as happy as an optimistic person, nor as negative as a pessimist. 

suddenly, a bright flash appeared in the night sky. a minty whirl came up from under where she was standing. her blue high heels began to float, and a great wind blew. flowers flew at her and surrounded her.

'i am a dreamer. i am! i am!' she continuously yelled, as the tiara drifted onto her head. 'i am a dreamer, and i'm not afraid to know it!' it was her escape. she pinched herself. ouch. one. ow. two. 'ah!' three. she was awake. it was no fantasy. rainbow coloured birds swooped past her, chirping what sounded like 'aerie is free!' 

she may have been born in 86, making her 27, but it was 2O13, and she was a dreamer, and she knew it.
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