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This set is in response to "who is your role model" tags from two fantastically talented Polyfriends: •• deeelushious •• TAG ME! in this amazing set: and dans-mode. (BORN THIS WAY!) in this fantastic set that was selected for Top Sets this week:
I already did the role model tag, but there are so many good ones! I chose Louise Nevelson for my second go at this tag. I selected her because she was a true original... she made it in the contemporary art world when women had to fight to be taken seriously in that realm. I love her art... fantastic assemblages of wood and objects that are monochromatic and, while not meant to be figurative, remind me of chaotic cityscapes. She also had an inimitable style: she pulled off the bohemian artist look without an ounce of irony. With her dramatic kohl-lined eyes and hair pulled back into a handkerchief, she was the very vision of an imperious, strong artist. 
Thanks for the tag, dear friends!!! It was amazing fun to make this!
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