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1. Your name: Yasmin.
2. Your age: 20.
3. Your birthday:25th of February.
4. Your hair color: Brown with a reddish highlights.
5. Your eyes color: green-grey-brown.
6. Your height: 171 cm.
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No.
8. If you said yes what´s his/her name?: -
9. Are you in love with someone?: Nope!
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: An older sister, but she’s not my real “blood sister.”
11. If you have what´s their name?: Bianca.
12. Your fav color: I love every kind of blue (turquoise), grey, dusty pink, red … 
13. Your fav food: Good Family Food, Pasta, Salads, Chicken with vegetables.
14. Your fav sweet: Chocolate! Especially M&M’s Crispy at the moment.
15. Your fav color: I said it at point 12! 
16. Your fav pair of shoes: My fancy black high heels and the new pair of leopard boots.♥
17. Your fav clothes: Depends on the day, sometimes I love to be chic and feminine, but also I love casualy and sporty clothes. But apart from that I’m addicted to hats! 
18. Your fav actor: Johnny Depp & Will Smith, I can’t decide between them. 
19. Your fav actress: Jessica Alba. 
20. Your fav movie: Seven Pounds, Pearl Harbor, Disney Movies, Princess Diaries, The Harry Potter Movies, Pirates of the Carribean, The Twilight Saga, I am Number Four, 96 Hours & many Thrillers… + so so many more. 
21. Your fav tv show: LOST, 24, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, The Bing Bang Theory, Supernatural, Sex and The City, Two and A Half Men, The OC … etc (: 
22. Your fav tv series: Isn’t that the same? 
23. Your fav movie soundtrack: Actually don’t have one :b
24. Your fav singer (male): Kris Allen, Ne-Yo, Andrew Belle, Chris Brown ..
25. Your fav singer (female): Rihanna and Adele.
26. Your fav band/group: Muse, OneRepublic, Cobra Starship, Maroon 5, The Fray and so on.
27. Your fav song: Kris Allen – Make You Feel My Love.<333
28. What kind of music do you like?: Mostly I love everything. 
29. What kind of movies do you like?: Thrillers. 
30. You fav model (male): Hm :b don’t know. 
31. Your fav model (female): Chanel Iman & Adriana Lima.
32. Your fav tv president (male): -
33. Your fav tv president (female): -
34. Your fav politician: - 
35. Your fav book: The Wrong Man from John Katzenbach & a German Book called ‘Mein Ein und Alles Für Immer und Ewig’, that was my favourite book when I was a younger.
36. Your fav writer: They are too many good writer.
37. Your fav book series: The Twilight Saga.
38. Your fav animal: Elephants! + Koala bears & Ladybugs.
39. Do you have a pet?: Yes..♥
40. What brand is your sunglasses: None :b + I have too many.
41. Do you have a nickname?: Not just one! haha.
42. If yes what is it?: Do I really have to say it? :DD
43. Do you ever killed someone?: No, of course not!
44. Do you ever steal?: Nope!
45. Do you like football?: Its okay.
46. Who is your fav player?: - 
47. Do you like basketball?: NO!
48. Who is your fav player?: I don’t like it (:
49. Can you lick your elbow?: Hell no! 
50. Your grade in Math: E :O :b
51. Your fav subject: Drama, Children's Literature & English.
52. Your worst subject: Maths. 
53. Have you ever eaten paper?: Why should I? 
54. What do you want to be when you´re older?: An Actress.♥
55. What time is it?: It's 11:22pm in Germany now. 
56. The last word that you say: Puschi! 
57. Do you like hats?: I ADORE THEM!
58. If you´d have to be a monster - which one?: Mabye a vampire, because I would love to live forever, I’m pretty scared of dying. 
59. Choose a number: 17.
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book: history book! (:
61. Where are you from?: From Germany, but I have so many multicultuar roots (: 
62. Favourite saying: Believe in your dreams, fight for them and they will come true; I need to say that often to myself (: 
63. Do you believe in God?: Yes!
64. What would you like to be if you were not human?: Still a vampire? :p Even if I don’t believe that they are some out there. 
65. The historical person who you like the most: Let me think …
66. Tell words starting with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z: ....
67. What are you listening right now?: The TV. 
68. Fav kind of ice cream: Vanilla. 
69. Fav computer game: Sim3.
70. Fav actor in tv series: Jorge Gracia & Paul Wesley. 
71. Fav actress in tv series: Alexis Bledel & Alyson Hannigan. 
72. Fav role in a tv series (male): Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes. 
73. Fav role in a tv series (female): Katherine Pierce. 
74. Fav flower: Lilies
75. Your worship song: What? 
76. Fav cartoon (male): Don’t like Cartoons that much.
77. Fav cartoon (female): -
78. Fav fantasy creatures: Someone who’s strong & have some awesome skills. 
79. Fav drink: Coffee! :b 
80. Fav musical: Tarzan! 
81. Fav amusement park: Disney Land.
82. Attraction at the amusement park: Everything (: 
83. Weather: warm weather. 
84. Do you like summer?: Yes totally.
85. Do you like winter?: I love it, because in this time, everything looks magical and I love winter-clothes (: 
86. What about spring?: Its okay. 
87. And fall?: Its okay too. 
88. Which famous villain from a novel you´d like to be? That’s difficult. 
89. Have you ever won a competition?: Yes. 
90. If yes what?: Some things in elementary school. 
91. Looking for something at Google?: Of course. 
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar?: My Avatar here? 
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch?: A princess (: 
94. Are you really good at school?: Yes I am.
95. You read magazines?: Yeps. 
96. Your fav magazine: I like fashion magazines. 
97. Which cell phone do you have?: Blackberry. 
98. Do you have freckles?: I have, but they come mostly out when its summer. 
99. What´s your best friend name?: Selina.♥ 
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