Yay Top Set for Jul 25th, 2012.<3 thanks @polyvore

So yeah I'm back, but what happend with Polyvore? :O urgh, anyway I was tagged by the lovely @beachchickxoxo (: & i think for a long time ago, i did this tag, but here i do it again, so its a newer version now.

A- available – At the moment yes, but this can change soon..< 
What radio station do you listen to – I don't listen to the radio often.
What was the last thing you bought – British Sweets! <33
What was the last thing on TV you watched - A german TV Show called "Berlin Tag & Nacht".
Who was the last person you took a picture of- A friend of mine and me together somewhere in London.
Ever cried on your friends shoulder – Yes.
Ever cried yourself to sleep - Once.
Ever cried over the opposite sex – Not really :b
What is your current hair color - I want my natural hair color back before it want to try this new "Dip Dye Hair" Thing, but its still brown, but two diffrent types of it haha.
When do you start school: I don't have college at the moment.
Can you walk with your toes curled?: Yes, i did this often, when i was a child :b a little crazy kind.
Do you believe in life on other planets?: Yes, but not that they are green little aliens somewhere out there (; hehe.
Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?: Yes.
Do you like roller coasters?: Sure, if they are not doing those high loopings.
Have you ever been asked out?: Yiha! <33
Do songs make you cry?: Some do, yes.
Are you a happy person?: Mostly of course.
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