Art should be evocative and this piece definitely pulled me in at first glance. 

At first, when you look, this feeling of desolation creeps up on you, of being left alone in the dark but as you gaze further still the feeling turns into one of peace. The print has an almost churchlike feel to it, a feeling of silence and solitude and rapture. 

As art evokes different feelings, so too does fashion. You watch a well dressed girl stride confidently past you trailing an exotic scent and you wonder where she is going, to meet a lover, to a class, a meeting, an art gallery, coffee shop, movie? You admire her style, you covet her shoes and bag and you feel........?

Art, fashion, the home, all of these are platforms for individualism, self expression and creativeness and each area inspires passion, love, laughter and excitement. The World would indeed be a poorer place without them - my life has been enriched by Polyvore and so to would it be enriched to have this amazing print hanging on my wall.
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