still catching up on all the days that I missed. 
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22ND: Tucker asked Andie to move in with him, so they're throwing a housewarming party. Bring a gift, dress casually, and have fun in Andie's new home.
"Ands," I squealed as I saw her and Tucker looking nothing less than in love. I hugged her. "I'm so happy for you,"

Andie beamed. "Thank you, Lex," She grabbed my hand and led me on a tour of the small but cozy apartment. "What do you think,"

"I think it's perfect," I told her. "All I want for you is to be happy,"

"Well, I am," Andie said. I hugged her again.

"I'm so glad," I told her, and went off in the hopes of seeing David again.

"Lexi," A voice said, and I looked over to see Alaska pulling my arm. I followed.

"Hey, Al, what's up," I said. I hadn't talked to her in so long, I wondered how she was doing.

"I heard from Serena that you're trying to get with her brother," She said crossing her arms over her chest. Honestly, she looked pissed.

I laughed, trying to shake it off. "Uh, I wouldn't say those words exactly, but yeah,"

"Well don't," She quickly snapped.

"Alaska, what the-," I tried to say, but she cut me off.

"I want him, okay? He's mine. /I/ deserve him, not you,"

I was lost and totally confused. What exactly was going on here?

"Alaska, I don't really understand...," I said. 

"Stay away from David," Alaska said before walking off.

What the h-ll was that?

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23RD: Serena is hosting her annual Christmas party at her place. Bright lights, karaoke, eggnog and a gift exchange! Come dressed casually, but be ready to have some fun.
"Serena, this party is awesome," I giggled as holiday music, lights and decorations swarmed around me. Not to mention the people; there must have been close to a hundred people here.

"Thanks," She shouted above the music. "I think everyone's really enjoying themselves,"

"Hey, so, have you talked to Alaska," I asked. Currently Al wasn't speaking to me because of the whole David thing. "She's kind of mad at me for liking David. I guess she likes him too,"

"Yeah, I heard," Serena stiffled a laugh. "I'm sorry, but honestly, I don't think we're in eighth grade anymore,"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. I know," I scanned the room. "So, uh, is he here,"

"Yeah," She said, looking around as well. She suddenly looked like she was in an awkward situation she didn't want to be in. "He's over there, talking to Alaska,"

I looked over to where she was pointing to see Alaska, in a very small dress, I might add, obviously flirting with David. B-tch.

"Thanks, S, see you later," I said, and shook my hips over to David and Alaska. 

"Alaska," I exclaimed when she noticed me. "It's so great to see you," Fake. Fake. Fake. I grinned. That was fake too. 

She looked confused and embarrassed. "Lexi,"

"And David, how're you liking Tree Hill," I asked, trying to take over the conversation.

"It's uh, great," He said, obviously noticing some sort of tension between us. "I love it here,"

You'd love it even better if Alaska wasn't here, I thought to myself. 

Wait. What was I doing? Alaska was my best friend, why should we be fighting over a stupid guy? I sighed.

"Look, I've got to be going," I said apologetically. "See you later, have fun you too,"

Good, I told myself. This was the good, new Lexi. I just had to remember what this was all for.

So I headed straight towards Layla's to pick up Rose for the night. There.
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