Top Sets for Oct 12th, 2012 - - Thank you super duper much @polyvore! ♥

Have you, just like us, deeeesperatley been longing for another round of the SM ?! Well, my dears - wait no further !

The themes are picked, the dates are set and now we are finally ready for another SM!
The basics are really easy. Each MONDAY and each THURSDAY there's a new theme for you to create a brand new set based around. Then you tag me @noelleinashell or Jenny at @hoppsan in the description and Voilà, you're in!
Here are the categories:

Monday 8/10 - The colours of your nation (a set ONLY using the colours of your native nations flag - white, grey and black are aloud to be included)
Thursday 11/10 - Feathers
Monday 15/10 - Your favourite designer
Thursday 18/10 - Neutral colours (neautral colours include beiges, whites, greys and blacks)
Monday 22/10 - Queen of the night
Thursday 25/10 - Design and architecture
Monday 29/10 - Queen of effing everything (Following picture must be in the set:
Thursday 1/11 - Halloween
Monday 5/11 - Foreign destination
Thursday 8/11 - Pattern mania
Monday 12/11 - Elements of earth (one of the four; earth, wind, water or fire)
Thursday 15/11 - Disney (pick your favourite movie!)
Monday 19/11 - Exotic/Tropical
Thursday 22/11 - Nautical
Monday 26/11 - Animal print
Thursday 29/11 - Your favourite colour

The official SM2 collection will be up next week after Monday's first theme!
Some further rules:

1- You only get ONE set published in the collection on each theme. Of course you may do as many as you like, but the first one you publish is the one that goes into the Style Mission Collection.
2- Only NEW sets gets into the collection. The whole point of the Mission is to create a set based around the theme of that day, not to find an old set that kind of fits into it.
3- Publish your set on the preterminded DATE. The exakt dates are written above. By doing this it's waaay much easier for us to find your set to put it in the collection and no one gets to be published "first" every time. If you can't wait to create; just save the set in your drafts and then publish it on the day of that mission.
4- What's new for this time around is that when a new theme has started we will not publish any more sets from previous themes. You will have a few days to create a set for each theme anyway, but now there's a TIMELIMIT. Fot example; The Feathers-theme lasts from 11/10 to 14/10. These days are open for entering Feather-sets into the collection. But when the designer-theme starts 15/10 it's only designer-sets that get published and no more feather-sets will be accepted.
Looking forward for a whole new round and boost of all your amazing creativity and ideas! Style Mission II will blow your minds! ;D

noelle & jenny
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