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This outfit features items from @tedbaker

I chose red hot fire!! Initially, I was going to do wind because if you compare the elements to the show "Avatar the Last Airbender" I'd say that I am most like airbenders. Fire is always my last choice because it seems to be my opposite, it's aggressive and dangerous. But its also attractive (in a way..) and I haven't made a red set yet and I figured, what the heck!

Also, I have over 1000 followers!!! Ahhhh!!!! This is so awesome, I should made a dedication set, this is wonderful TvT


Wrote three years ago
@bestdressx Thanks so much!! I love red too! Me too, It's definitely one of my favorite cartoons!! I loved Zuko once he has that change of heart
@sharmarie Thank you!!!! :D

Wrote three years ago
Scorching hot look! ❤

Wrote three years ago
Stunning! Loving the red!
I love watching Avatar, it was my childhood show AHH. I love Aang :)

Wrote three years ago
@rainie-minnie That's ok! Thanks!! :)
@belldraw Thank you!!! :D
@noelleinashell Thanks a bunch!! :)) Yea I liked the challenge! I love red but stayed away from it, so ironic.

Wrote three years ago
Great choice, challenging yourself a bit as well! Well done and lovely work! :))

Wrote three years ago
Looks wonderful!!

Wrote three years ago
always so sorry for not comments you i'm confused with ppl here started the name K,Ko etc..
btw,the red theme set look so gorgeous <333

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