We are so fortunate to share this planet with a wonderful and diverse array people and of other living beings who are entitled to live a fulfilling life. I give thanks with all my heart to this incredible planet called Earth and the amazing resources it provides to sustain us. With much gratitude to the Polyvore Community [there are too may to single out just one!] @polyvore, @polyvore-editorial ❤
Style Mission 2 no. 11 "Earth Element"
The earth element is nurturing and draws things together bringing harmony and stability. Earth type people are usually warm, patience, thoughtful, kind, practical, and hardworking. The turtle at the top of this set symbolizes the union of heaven and earth. We need to see the inter-connection to all things. Just as a turtle cannot separate itself from it's shell, neither can we separate ourselves from what we do to earth. [@hoppsan, @@noelleinashell] ❤
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