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Requested by @chavaevek // By @sweetwords 

So.. I tried. Pretty hard to find a cute below-knee dress that has covered shoulders and no low neckline and no cut outs.
So here ya go! To me I think I did pretty good :3
The girly look is easy to pull off as long as the shoes. As in polka-dot or lace.

To any other requesters:
I suggest that its better to tag someone like Sophia or someone else who's leaning towards more the fashion side of tips. I just happened to be on and I need to fufill requests. So guys, if its fashion or outfits then tag a fashion tipper girl please... When you compare this to Chizaru's HTW, I look like I could get pitch slapped hard. 
When I think of doing a HTW, I also think I should do crystal meth but I think 'Mhhmmm no'

Okie thats all,
~~ChloeXx ;3
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