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Styles and ways of curly hair
 First off, there are many different types of curls. Loose curls, waves, beachy waves, tight curls, natural curls, curling iron curls, ect.. There are also so many types of styles, it leaves you with many options. 

First, the finger wave curl. 
 To get this look, hair is best damp. When, you get out of the shower, make your hair damp by drying it with a towel. Next, use wave enhancing mousse in your hands, lean upside down and move through your hair. DO NOT BRUSH!! Leave it to dry for 15 minutes and your done!

The bun/ braid/beachy wave
Best done after shower at night. 
With wet hair, either twist your hair up into a bun, or pull into 2- 4 braids. You can use mousse. Sleep on them, and in the morning you will have pretty curls!

Typical iron curl #1
Best with dry hair. 
Take a two inch section of you hair and wrap around iron. Hold for thirty seconds. Do this with all of your hair and once done, spray with hairspray. 

Typical iron curl #2 with a twist

Same steps as number 1, except when done, brush out your hair to make it loose, and pin bangs back with a bobby pin.

Spiral iron 
Ok, so these are really cool. Take a 1 inch section of hair, clip iron at the top, and then wrap around. These make a taylor swift type curl. 

Lastly, plain old curlers. 
Put them in your hair at night when your hair is wet, then take out in the morning. 

Hope you enjoy these tried and true ideas,
Elena <3
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