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The Hunger Games Challenge

Started: 4/10/16 Status: Active Hashtag(s): #thehungergameschallenge Mod: @the-forgotten-wolf .x.x. Welcome to the 20th Hunger Games! This is not a battle or role-play group! Here you will unfold the story of your own Hunger Games tribute! How it Works: Create a doll set based on each of the challenges listed below. Don't forget to write the story to go with it either, that's the best part! If you have any questions, message me, @the-forgotten-wolf Once you're done, put all your sets into a collection and title it: The Hunger Games Challenge. Send me the link to the collection over private message and I'll put you in the hall of fame down below! c: May the odds be ever in your favor! ☾ IMPORTANT: Put this form in every set so we can remember it! Character Name: Character Age: Character's District: Character's Personality Traits: Character's Skills: Character's Token: Character's Face Claim: Hashtag: #thehungergameschallenge Challenges: ☾ Introduce Yourself: Tell us about your character. Who is she/he? What are they like? Why should we like them? ☾ The Reaping: Write about the reaping! How were they feeling? Did they volunteer or were they reaped? ☾ On the Tribute Train: What was the train like? Was it exciting or were you too nervous to feel anything else? Did you meet your mentor? ☾ Arrival to the Capitol: Tell us what you though of the bright and cheering fans! Did it excite or sicken you? Did you greet them or shy away? ☾ On the Chariot: What were your stylists like? Did they put you in odd or beautiful outfits? Did the fans cheer? Did you catch a rose or some other gift? ☾ Training Center: Did you make any alliances? Were you comfortable in your surroundings or was everything too new? How do you think you did? ☾ The Interview: What questions did they ask you? Were you nervous? What's your image? Are you sweet and innocent or dangerous an seductive? ☾ Private Session with the Gamemaker: What did you do to wow the Gamemaker? Did you show off your skills? What score did you get? How do you feel about it? ☾ Entering the Arena (First Day, First Night, and so on. Do as many of these are you like!) Did you run into any enemies? Did you get hurt? Did you find/make shelter? ☾ Winning the Games: Congrats! You've won the games! How did you do it? Who was the last person to die? How do you feel? Relieved? Sad? Tell us everything! ☾ Victory Tour: (Make a set for each District you visit! Remember, yours is last!): Did you see the fallen tribute's families? How did you feel? Was there anything in particular that stood out for you in each District? ☾ Arriving at the Capitol + President Snow's Party: How does being back at the capitol feel? Does it make you queasy and uneasy or are you happy and joyful to be alive? How does everyone act around you? Are they nervous at how dangerous you are or are they fine, just happy to see you alive? Who do you meet? Who stands out? Optional Ideas: ☾ Playlist: What are some songs that remind you of your character? ☾ Element: What element represents her/him best? ☾ Genderbend: Who would you recast them as (make sure it's genderbent and tell us why you chose this face claim!)? ☾ Collection: Make a collection of pictures, clothes, and items that remind you of your character. ☾ HALL OF FAME ☾ ☾ Character Name // District: // Date Completed // Collection Link:
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