heyy guys! caity here! so since fall is coming up, well it practically already is here, hah so it's time to start bundling up! where i live it's already pretty cold :// brrr ..
so anyway, one of my have ways to warm up this season isn't a plain hoodie, blazer, blah. those are boring! want something cuter & more flirty? try a letterman jacket! these are adorable, and are also referred to as the 
"jock" or "boyfriend's" or "football" jacket. usually we only see hot guys (lawlzz.) dressed up in these. but now it's time to start a new trend. girls can wear them too! they are an absolute necessity for autumn, and whether it's your (guy) friend's, a store-bought one, or your boy's, this jacket's still bound to look amazzzeee, on any shape, no less!(: let's start with the looks.

1. this is a plain sort of outfit. really all it is is just some fun, comfy and warm shoes like uggs or sperry's or moccasins, paired with your let. jacket && a slim pair of your have skinny jeans! :D

2. for this look, it's gotta be pretty warm where you live to wear thiss(: hehe; it calls for shorts. so throw on the letterman jacket w/ you favorite pair of shorts and end the look with something like converse, keds, etc(:

3. this look, like the look above calls for warmish weather also(: match your jacket w/ a cute skirt (flowy, mini) and end the look with a pretty pair of open-toed shoes or sneakers. this look would even be adorable with oxfords(:

4. this outfit is such a spunky statement, with some edge to it. it's sort of tomboy. to get this look try to pair your let. jacket with leggings. basic leggings. then to top the statement off, slip into your favorite high top sneakers. mike-jordans, nike's, anything really! nothing else will do. this season, go for it.

5. lastly, try a dress! (: it's adorable. especially if it's your boyfriends, etc. it just adds the Flirty Factor to the entire outfit, and balances the whole look off. to make it perfect, try sandals(: ( if it's still a bit warm where you are.. *& if not, tie up your converse! no uggs though; will ruin outfit! :P )

~ ok, so to end this tip, i thought i would add some simple tips to follow...
1. jsyk; of course it's smart to wear something underneath your letterman jacket(: bahah; no birthday suits, please// (: you can always wear something fun like a crop top, henley, plaid shirt, or basic tee/v neck under your jacket.
2. you can find these jackets from sports stores, h&m, zumiez, hot topic (:

any questions//requests? pm us! ♥
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