Styling Princess Irulan II

Set thousands of years in the future, Princess Irulan is the emperor's daughter in Dune, the science fiction movie based on the series.
I would like to remake the whole science fiction classic focused on Princess Irulan and her court. Who cares about those messy worms anyway?
FYI: in the Dune books, following the consolidation of Paul's rule over the Imperium, Irulan quickly discovered that she was Paul's second
wife in title only, and that his beloved Fremen consort, Chani, was his exclusive partner and the sole bearer of his children. Jealousy and resentment drove her to secretly drug Chani with dangerous contraceptives, so that she would not produce his heirs. However, the scheme did not work as intended, and Irulan was left with remorse when Chani died after giving birth to twins named Leto and Ghanima. This act, combined with the apparent death of Paul Atreides after he walked into the desert a blind man, led her to devote herself to House Atreides and her two surviving stepchildren.
Through their developmental years, and following the rise of the God-Emperor Leto Atreides II, Irulan spent her remaining years studying and documenting all the events that came to pass since House Atreides took control of Arrakis in 10,191 A.G.
References to her imaginary works are cited in the books as chapter references.


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There are two collections: it is so cool to meet another fan!

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Omg! Another Dune fan!! This collection is so amazingly fabulous! Just wow. You have inspired me to read the whole series over again (3rd time round). ♥

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Thanks. I am glad you like the idea!

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thank you for adding me! I love Dune and this idea is fantastic!

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lovely ! Thank you for adding my set !

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I am glad you enjoyed the idea: I find something now and then that is so fantastic it seems like it comes from several thousand years in the future. And I love costume epics of all kinds.
Thank you: it is wonderful work

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I love the high styled futurist sets you and others do: it was sort of like, the collection was invented to house the sets. That is why Princess Irulan and her future setting came to mind. I couldn't t think of any other setting that would be fabulous enough to contain them. Glad you enjoyed the research.

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Thank you for going into great detail on this subject..
Very sweet of you to adding a few of my sets

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lovely collection! Thank you for adding my set!!


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