1) UserName/Real First Name. Is there a meaning behind the user name you use? 
- My user name luckied99 is from my childhood nickname and the year I graduated high school. My family named me Luckie because Im lucky to be here. My mother wasnt aware of her pregnancy while in the army working on a telephone poll in the snow. She fell off and decided to come back to the US and have me here. My real name is Kisha Deputy-Frazier and yes, Deputy is my REAL maiden name and no I did not shoot the sheriff :} 
2) When is your birthday? Month/day 
-July 8th at 2:38am , I'm the fireworks water baby 
3) What state do you live in?
-Los Angeles, California 
4) How did you find Polyvore? 
-By searching hi and low. I was on the hunt to figure out where all of these white background styling ideas were coming from on Facebook. Someone had their site name/address on their set so I researched the address and here I am. (I wish I could remember whose name it was). I actually didn't start creating sets on a regular bases until May or June 2013.
4) Your Favorite Designer(s) and why? 
- I have many but my tops would be McQueen (Uniqueness), Carven and Lanvin (classic/updated vintage look), Alexander Wang (simply and classy), and Gianvito Rossi (classic shoe designs) 
5) What is your favorite article of clothing /your personal style? 
- All time favorite piece of clothing would be scarves and beanies. Even when its hot (which is always the case here in L.A). I have a large collection and need way more :} My style is really eclectic because I love to change it up. I enjoy wearing Maxi dresses and skirts, fun earrings and white gold or silver studs.

6) Heels or flats?
- I like wearing sandals and flip flops on the regular bases, even when it rains. But I LOVE the way heels look. 
7) Your favorite color(s) 
- Surprisingly, I have an orange crush (hence the name of one of my groups). My favorite hue is burnt orange and coral. I also have a love for mustard yellow and greys. 
8) What you love most about Polyvore
- I love the diversity and unique qualities of every ones talents, its so inspiring. The bonds and friendships that you are able to gain just by sharing whats on your mind and creative style. I also love that PV can serve as a business platform for large/small businesses,bloggers and entrepreneurs like myself.
9) What you like least about Polyvore 
- As a moderator of groups, I would like to edit a contest without it starting all over again. 
- I would like to be able to organize sets a bit better than collections 
- also The NEW comment section to sets needs to only be one step to view and respond to comments on a set. 
10) What’s your Fav 5? Food/TV Show/Music/Actor/Actress
-shrimps and any type of seafood (I'm pescaterian)
- I actual don't watch TV unless its a sporting event or Seinfeld
- I love easy listening and positive electricity in music like Yanni. I find myself listening to more instrumental types of music now a days ( I use to listen to everything from Green Day to Azul Azul to Busta Ryhmes to Al Green)
- Napoleon Dynamite (for fun and laughs) and Crash (for a well written script) 
- I just love any actor/actress that can transform into a character and make them come to life like Denzel Washington. I love versatility and believable acting skills.

 11) What would you like us to know about you?
 Im a quirky, optimistic, sarcastic soul that loves to laugh, have fun and live an extraordinary life. I apply the law of attraction to everything I do.
- I prefer to drink water ALL day :}
-I enjoy hanging out with my family and will not and dont go anywhere where I cant take my 2 toddlers. I know, Im different...LOL. Im a stay-home- business-mom.
- I recently started a blog dabbling in my dream career as a revamping stylist for wardrobes and homes (a stylist and interior designer combined). 
- I keep my eyes on the prize and am a very competitive person in anything thing I do. 
- I have ADHD while typing and a touchscreen tablet screen which I have a habit of pressing enter before proofreading...LOL ;) So forgive me in advance when and if I have commented/responded with errors. 

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share myself with all of you and ecstatic that Phyllis has given us (me) a chance to do so on her STYLIST SPOTLIGHT platform. Thanks so much Phyllis @arjanadesign

XOXO Kisha
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