1) UserName/Real First Name. Is there a meaning behind the user name you use? MzMamie is my user name versus Amie my real name. I've worked in many daycares over the years and many children would call me Mamie and my now ex boyfriend thought it was the cutest thing when he would hear that so he started using it and it just stuck
2) When is your birthday? Month/day October 16 1974, not afraid to say the year. Kinda sad to be hitting 40 this year but I don't feel it so it's all good
3) What state do you live in? Iowa Born and raised
4) How did you find Polyvore? Probably like most from Pinterest. I always pinned the outfits on my fashion board and decided to check it out one day and it's been a wrap ever since
4) Your Favorite Designer(s) and why? Viktor and Rolf because they just have an edge about the clothes they design. Roger Vivier because he makes shoes and handbags to die for and of course Valentino because his clothes are beyond beautiful
5) What is your favorite article of clothing /your personal style? My favorite article of clothing is a hoodie. They are comfy and can definitely hide somethings if need be;) Im a jean girl, love them and thats what you'll find me in!
6) Heels or flats? Both depending on the situation. I also love my puma's and Nikes
7) Your favorite color(s) Green Green Green:)
8) What you love most about Polyvore
 I love the creativity that I can show on here. Love the fact that I can dream on here as well. I also love the people and friends I've made from being a part of it.
9) What you like least about Polyvore
 People who copy you and polyvore NOT having an android app yet
10) What’s your Fav 5? Food/TV Show/Music/Actor/Actress
 BBQ/Soulfood equally Breaking Bad Old school R&B Edward Norton Julia Roberts
11) What would you like us to know
My addictions....pinterest..cooking..any show that has to do with food..news and Anthony Bourdain

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Wrote two years ago
me too with the hoodies! I totally forgot to mention them. LOL

Wrote three years ago
So nice to meet you!

Wrote three years ago
Nice to learn more about you, Amie! Always liked your style! :)

Wrote three years ago
Love your STAT.....I am a soul food lover as well


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