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2012/08/17 Oh mo-na ..Does anyone watching BoA Ft.Sehun-Only one live: 
A nervous baby Sehun "- -^ Hulll?^
I thoughts Kai will choose to Duet dance with BoA for sure since the 3 dancing machine Yunho,Eunhyuk,Taemin done his job. No,I'm not hating on Sehun but this means sth or just random chosen by SM/BoA/Program?
finally,Sehun ahhh get the attention sad but happy,I'm confused? :)<--- I'm sure someone thinking the same as me this means sth/or nothing??
And i'll finish my summer set this week.
Happy Birthday to
@fasirisfay Aug,01 I hope you'll back to polyvore in the future.
@robsfriend73 Aug,03
@with-love-silver Aug,5
@berna13 Aug,09
@mia-545 Aug,10
@fashionvictim89 Aug,11
Idk all you guys still active or not,from bottom of my heart wishes you all get lots of happiness.

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