This is for ellies challenge i just forgot that I used the right item whoops here is the challenge and this is my item
 yay forever 
My playlist is really really weird right now but I love it.
 -Born this Way- Lady Gaga
 -Who Says- Selena Gomez
 -Such Small Hands- La Dispute
 -Tiny Dancer- Elton John
 -Pretending- Glee Cast
 -Yonkers- Tyler, The Creator
 -Go Outside- The Cults

If it wasn't for la dispute and elton john and the cults it looks like I actually listen to popular music hahah. Those songs are like the only popular music I have.... 

Now I'm vouging what am I doing with my life.

Last night my sister had her promotion dance and I made her look super hot.

We the Kings are preforming at my county fair this summer for free yay life.


I need to schedule my senior portraits soon oh my gosh.

Also, someone who sat in front of me in chemistry all year signed my yearbook. He starts, "Dear Jessica..."
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