This is the first time in the history of me a guy has EVER given me his number. Unfortunately my phone was recently washed, in the washing machine, because that is just what we do with brand new cellphones in this house, so I cant exactly text him. Also hes not in the country for a bit. 
Remember, guys, I'm 14. And unlike most other 14 year olds, and many 8 year olds, I am entirely new to this. 
So what do people do, and say, to guys? Im quite happy, because we met through a play, acting, so we have at least one thing in common. Also, from INVESTIGATING on facebook I think he likes Harry Potter, which is the best thing ever, because I can completely identify with that. Hes slightly older than me, but why must I be such a giraffe? Taller than everyone cute, ay? 
So what DO I say? Anyone an expert?
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