So many Thames girls had attended the funeral - I didn't know Jack but I really felt for Arizona. She had asked me to help at her house afterwards with food, I was only too happy to help, it can't be easy preparing food while having to bury a family member. Darren wasn't with me too start, he had known Jake a little better and he had gone off with some guys from Thames. I stood outside the church and watched Louise go in, where is he? I thought to myself. Then I finally saw him and Pete running up the path. 
"Sugar, there is some more terrible news." He said gasping for breath.
Panic went through my mind, considering we were at a funeral what exactly could be worse, was is my Mum?
"What? What has happened?" I asked eagerly, worry spreading across my face.
"Samee has been killed, Pete found out from her parents this morning." he said.
I looked at Pete and saw him fight back tears, i knew he was into her. I stood there shocked, it wasn't like me and Samee ever got on but I knew her, I had seen her go through so much and for it all to end. 
"Okay, well I am going to this funeral, I will tell people when appropriate, who knows?" I asked wondering how you can break the news of more death a a funeral.

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better make it regent, i think bass lives around the market. c u then! x ♥ x arizona

Wrote 7 years ago
x ♥ x arizona

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sounds good, and yah my bros are rly good about stuff like that. wanna go shopping l8er 2day??

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I know it's been a bad New Year but I guess we can be hopeful - glad to help you out and we should do something fun to take our minds off everything Sugar xx





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