Easter Ball

The tension at home was unbearable, I was struggling with all this pretending. 
"Does this suit go with this shirt?" Darren asked, he seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood.
"Yep you look fine." I smiled.
"Well you look stunning, love the dress." he said and came over to me and gave me a hug which ended up with us both on the bed, avoiding sex had been the most difficult thing. 
We walked into Easter ball hand in hand, I felt relieved to see the girls from Thames, I felt free. 
Esmee caming striding up to Darren and flirted with him right infront of me, I could hardly contain my laughter and even struggled to insult her. Esmee has been the best person ever to scheme with and clearly Darren was feeling the heat. 
Darren was talking to Esmee and I decided to have a wonder and a mingle. Once this was over I would be free and single; i couldn't wait.
"Sugar, sorry about that." Darren said, looking worried.
"So Darren so what's going on with you two?" I asked suspiciously, wondering what lies he will tell me this time. 
"Sugar, you have to trust me, I can't have you constantly questioning what I am up to, nothing is going on, and I don't know if I can cope with you always being suspicious." he said, sounding annoyed by the end of his speil.
"Okay Darren, I trust you." I said, giving him a hug; I loathed him more than ever.
"Good, that;s good Sugar." He whispered. 
This guy was a control freak, I honestly thought he was so pathetic. How did he turn from sweet romantic to a complete idoit?
I text Esmee to let he know how it went, I really wanted Darren to never get a girl after this, nobody deserved this lowlife. 
I didn't really enjoy the Easter ball as I was stuck with Darren.
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