Suitcases...Old & New

Some of these items are trunks and decorative boxes, but I thought they could pass for suitcases!
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Wrote 11 months ago
Wow! I am jealous for it:))

Wrote 11 months ago
@raamen365 I love old suitcases.I have a few in my house that I use for decoration.

Wrote 11 months ago
Wow!! Wonderful collection! I always look for suitcases on polyvore. Thank you so much,xxx

Wrote one year ago
@angiem Back to the internet for a few days!I went through withdrawal for sure...especially at night.I've got a lot of sets to look at...maybe another collection to put together!

Wrote one year ago
@angiem LOL!I think my husband is worried about me going through Polyvore withdrawal.Maybe I should go to rehab!!!You should definitely do a set with the vintage suitcases.I can't wait to see it!I'll have internet for a few days when I go to stay at my aunt's house in town towards then end of my trip.There will be a lot of catching up!

Wrote one year ago
Oh my! I don't think I could survive without internet. LOL Now that I have that nice item that looks similar to my own I just might do a set with it.

Wrote one year ago
@angiem That is a good idea!You should do one in a set.I saw the cabinet you refinished on your blog.You did a great job...beautiful.I need to check back to see if you've done anything else.I'm going out of town for 9 days...leaving tomorrow (going to MS).My grandmother is turning 100.Will be staying at my aunt's lake house, and I don't think she has internet.Gonna go through Polybore withdrawal!!!

Wrote one year ago
LOL! That's true. I have a set of vintage suitcases very similar to yours. I use them under a console table for storage. Much better than a cardboard box. LOL

Wrote one year ago
@angiem Me, too!I have a couple that I put together to make a storage piece in my the third pic of my collection.I think I paid about $60 to make an attractive piece of furniture!I love it when I come across a good deal!The modern suitcases are pretty interesting, and I don't think there would be any confusion about which suitcase is yours at the airport!

Wrote one year ago
Thanks! I love vintage suitcases.


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