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1. Half full or half empty? I am optimistic so,half full:)
2. Neons or pastels? Neither,I prefer rich colors but optimistic.
3. Meat or seafood? Seafood
4. City or country side? City
5. Horror or Comedy? I prefer horror:)
6. Forest or sea? Sea
7. Summer or winter? Summer!!!
8. Asian or Mexican food? Asian
9. Jeans or skirt? Both:)
10. Up in the air or down on the ground? In the air
11. Run or bike?I hate to run!
12. Heels or boots? Boots with heels:)
13. Sms or call? I prefer call
14. One best friend or many acquaintances? One best friend
15. Early bird or late bird? Late bird
16. Sunglasses or nerd glasses? I wear sunglasses and also nerd glasses:)))
17. Coffee or tea?I am allergic on coffee:(
18. Give or receive? Both:)
19. Chocolate or liquorice? Liqurice,I love it:)
20. Wine or beer? Good dry white wine,with my husband:)
21. Less is more or more is more? Less is more!
22. Romantic or realist? Realist,sometime romantic:) 
23. Fame or knowledge? Knowledges!
24. Wealthy or happy? Happiness
25. Friends or lovers? I have both in one person:)
Now I tag:@drn57,@ladydelicat,@kikusha98,@lollie,@sharinka
Sorry, if you done this tag and thanks for understanding :)
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