Summer 2012 bucket list :)

so last summer was okay. did some fun stuff. but not enough. sat at home extremlyyyy too much.
my LAST summer as a high schoolerrrrr! it has to be amazing. which it has been pretty good so far, but still trying to make it as awesome as possible :D
comment for things i should add to it!
UPDATE: it kinda sucks so far which is super disappointing. ive been groundeddddd and its torture to sit at home and do nothing day after day! and im grounded for the most stupid reason ever which pisses me off! but i should be off grounding tomorrow, too bad emily left for vacation today! ughhhh. at least i have a boyfriend atm, hahah :p
UPDATE: 8-14-12. we dont have boyfriends anymore, hahahaha. but umm yeah havent been grounded in a while, been partying and having a prettty good time. um..5 more days of summer.. & its supposed to rain everyday, so FUCK MY LIFE. so ill be having my LAST first day of school soon! craaayyy!

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