first off, thankyou so much for my Top Set darlings, i means so much!
i dyed my hair back to dark brown & even tho i say so myself it looks awesome, im so glad i finally got around to doing it
~ tomorrow im seeing my closest male friend who ive hardly seen ~ i think we've only seen eachother once this year so im happy about that;
my other friend + i are going to thorpe park too hopefully [for those of you abroad its a huge theme park type place w/terrifying rides so that should be good if we go!]
im going to the theatre tonight
~ hope you're all having a lovely day 
I was tagged by the lovely @shsdivaxoxoxo

Where are you right now?
in my bed
What are you doing?
answering these questions on my kindle
Where do you live?
in england
Who do you live with?
my mum
What are you wearing?
pyjama shorts and a t-shirt I've had for about 10 years :p
my brand new dark brunette hair is in a messy ponytail
black matte
one earring in my third hole, my ring and a necklace
Going anywhere?
well it's 11pm so right now no ;p tomorrow I've got a singing lesson & then I'm seeing my best friend in the evening ~ I think he + I are just gonna get wasted so that will be nice c:
What's the weather like?
it was raining earlier but now it's okay
Do you wish it was different?
I'm inside so not fussed
Do you own a car?
my mum owns one and daddy owns about 3 or 4 I can't remember
If yes, then what car? If not then then what car do you wish you owned?
for me? I want a black matte TVR & a jeep and a BMW range rover + a dark silver Aston Martin (:
Sum yourself up in one word?

Try and make words for each letter of your name? 
What colour is your hair?
naturally I'm a brunette and I dyed it yesterday back from my ombre to dark brown so Brown again yay(:
What colour are your eyes?
uh normal?
5, 4"
too much.
Favourite Animal?
Favourite colour? 
Favourite song atm/song your listening to alot? 
I like my dance/dubstep remixes that I've been listening to recently idk man look at my soundcloud ;p
Where do you wanna be right now?

Name four people you wanna be with right now?
my best male friend, another male friend, two of my closest female friends
Name one thing you wanna do before you die?
experience zero gravity, stand on the equator, tell someone I love them & actually mean it, fall in love, be body confident, love myself, have s'ex, give a blowie, dye my hair blue, own a jewellery stall in Camden town market, pole-dance, go shooting (not animals!), catch a fish, go on a road trip of the US ending in Canada where my grandparents live, Take LSD + stay up for a week straight
need I go on?
Have you ever been stoned?
yes but not like majorly ew
Have you ever had sex?
not yet
Have you ever climbed out a window?
yup I did a few days ago, I smoke on my windowsill so occasionally when I drop a cigarette butt I have to jump down and get it from the roof... I'm always climbing out of Windows man it's a habit of mine :p
Have you ever jumped down from a roof?
I once jumped from a wall that was as heights a roof but ny friend was waiting at the bottom and he caught me
Have you ever sat on your roof?
yeah boii all the time
Have you ever star gazed?
What's the weirdest thing a cloud looked like?
I don't look at the clouds often
Round/Circle sunglasses or Square/Normal sunglasses?
I have quite a few pairs and they're all different styles so(:
What's your sign?
What's your element?
What's your chinese calender animal?
no idea, possibly a rat but I don't think that's it
Are you a 90's b*tch?
yeah boii
Name one weird thing you like/love?
Boys who are protective of me
Pet peeves?
being woken up, when my deodorant is new ans the spray leaves a white mark and I have to use roll-on, going to bed early, ye
Are you single?
Do you want to be single or in a realationship?
single; becoming too reliant on someone ends in hurt
Something your thinking about doing?
Names of each gender you like/love?
Xavier, Daniel, Adam, Carlos, Josh, Gerard, Michael, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Darwin
Alaska, Jennifer, Amelia, Rosalie, Tess/Tessie
Would you ever want your name to be different?
maybe for like a day but I'd wanna go back to mine after
Would you ever want your surname to be different?
One colour you'd wish to dye/highlight/ombre your hair?
peroxide blonde or blue
One haircut you'd love to rock?
Jessica Stroup's (90210)
Are you bored yet?
a little
What are you listening to right now?
Look left: what's there? 
bedside table and door
Look right: what's there?
a wall
Look ahead: what's there?
Am I p*ssing you off yet?
Are you hungry? 
Are you thisty?
I have a glass of water by my bed so no(:
Now are you p*ssed off?
This is over. Bye.
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