Weather above 40 F° brings spring joy into the hearts of us, and we don't pause to abandon sweaters and pull on shorts. This is just one example of how extreme we can be. By July, we will shiver at the idea of 60 F°, and by august, we will be making polyvore sets about fall.
This set is rather interesting. I decided to date the set upon realizing that I rarely do so. So, the date is 3/30/14. I decided to do this as I browsed through all my former sets. I had a flash of memories making them, including where I created them, when, what inspired me, etc. I found the set where I almost quit polyvore then forgave it. But, I failed to date all but one of these, so future archeologists will not know when I made them. Just kidding, it's for me. 
Along with this interesting thing, I have been enjoying a wonderful podcast show called 'Stuff You Missed in History', which has been teaching me a ton. Any what, I picked a good deal of the outfit in this set while listening to a podcast about 1920's mobsters. Right now, I'm listening to a podcast about things found or unearthed in 2013. Just thought that was interesting! 
Well, that's just about all!
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