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five foot ten (I) | passion pit
work it out | knox hamilton


the lyrics in the set and the ones in the title really clash lol. also pt.2 of the marina lyric pictures.... pt.1:

a really weird thing happened with this set... lol. so i made the original set (i have no idea what it looked like anymore, i've changed it so much) which was inspired by this and that was inspired by my baby hamial (COME BACK) then i changed it and it came out looking like this

but i liked the original version too, and i still had that open in another tab. i really wanted to keep the original, first version even if i never published it sooo being my really strange self, i remade/completely copied the whole second version and made it as a new set so i could save the original, first in my drafts hahaha. that probably makes no sense

me posting sets is a really long experience... i don't make them on a monday morning and post them before school..... i work on them the month before so they're ready for the next month when i CAN post them just before school. oops. so you don't really see "new" sets from me, you see ones that are two weeks-a month old haha

it's really weird though because that's not how i used to do it. i used to do the usual make-set-the-night-before thing and publish straight away the next day. which was kind of good because i didn't give myself the opportunity to change the set 10 times before publishing

anyway i've got to go, seeya!

comment "five foot ten" if you read all of this

- jemma

7.3.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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