these are super cute and very summer-yy (: 

you will need:

-nail polish (you can have the same color on each finger, or you can have different ones on each finger like the picture)
-top coat
-sally hanson nail art pen


O1. start by painting two coats of nail polish on each finger and letting it dry

O2. shake the nail art pen many times ( trust me, it will work so much better if you do ) then press the tip against a piece of paper to distribute the paint a little before painting. also, practice your design real quick

O3. paint your design on your nails. don't worry about messing up, because you can use a q-tip to wipe of any mistakes

O4. let it dry, then paint on the top coat


* got this off of the same website nickie got the orange candle tip from *

xo - justine @justine-renae

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