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hey guys, this is my add on to the roleplay! sory if its a bit short!

Lexi smiled. She figured that this was one of Thomas's tricks. With out a thought, she dove toward the beach, deciding to play along with Thomas's prank. Anna stood there in the shallows, confused about what was going on. Denise, Katy, and Catherine believed Thomas and swam toward the beach as fast as they could. Lexi reached the beach and climbed onto shore and stood next to Thomas, who was trying to cover him grin. Lexi nudged him, and Thomas looked at her. She gave him a knowing look. 
Nina was swimming toward the beach like a madman, shrieking every once in a while. Nina swam past Anna, who was still standing there, and dragged herself onto the beach. Nina stood up and looked at Anna like she was crazy for just stading there. "Are you CRAZY?!" Nina yelled at Anna. "Get out of the water! Theres something in there!" 
Anna spoke. "But it was just an empty water bottle. Nothing that could hurt you..." Anna trailed off, completely confused on why Nina was freaking out. 
Nina turned pale and turned to Thomas with the death glare in her eyes. Lexi backed away from Thomas and gave him a 'good-luck with that' smile. Thomas gave her a pleading look but then turned back to Nina. 
Nina was mad. "YOU MADE ME HAVE A PANIC ATTACK FOR NO REASON?!?" Nina was yelling profanities at Thomas. Lexi swore she saw him flinch a couple of times. 
'Poor Thomas' Lexi thought with a grim look.
umm.. i'm pretty sure @the-dark-arts is up now. :)
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