so i had a great dream.
it was more like a flash back kinda thing.
i dreamed/had a flash back about when i met this guy at a football game. it was like a year and a half ago, so he probably forgot about me. i know i forgot. (until this dream, of course) and that guy really seemed to really like me. he was smiling at me and got close to me and stuff. he was SO sweet! i never even got his number or name or anything. i hate my life.
and my best friend andrea was talking to this other guy called jack who must have been friends with the guy that i was talking to because they were like hanging out. they probably played basketball together or something. i remember andrea really liked jack. she like, stalked him. and he was talllllll. like, six foot. and quite a good basketball player.

anyways, the moral of the story is, when you can tell a guy REALLLLLY likes you, get his number or you'll regret it forever and have dreams about him a year and a half later. seriously. get. his. number. or you'll end up like me. sad and alone. he probably has some amazingly perfect gorgeous girlfriend now that i can't compete with anyways.
he was WAY to cute to not have a girlfriend now. and he looks like a young devon sawa. (if you don't know who devon sawa is then... he's my husband)

and i never saw him again. the end.
SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU? i need you now.♥

"my thoughts will echo your name, until i see you again."

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