1.) WASH UR FACE! Clean those dirty pores out girl. Make sure you wash away your old makeup 
2.) moisturize using UR favorite moisturizer 
3.) use a base such as PoreFessionals 
4.) apply bb cream with a brush on the back of UR hand 
5.) apply concealer underneath UR eyes and also on any blemishes that you may have 
6.) apply a light full coverage foundation 
7.) fill in eyebrows with an item such as the Anastasia Brow Pen 
8.) apply a light coral-peach blush. You want the look to be somewhat tropical and natural, but also smooth and sexy
9.) apply a light bronzed wherever desired
10.) curl your eyelashes and apply a curling mascara such as NYC Curl. It's cheap and it works amazingly. 
11.) apply a volumizing/plumping mascara such as Maybelline Rocket Volume 
12.) complete UR look with light eyeshadow/eyeliner 
13.) Go out and have some fun!!!!!

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