If you are new to reading these imagines, I suggest you read back to “Darcy’s Elementary School Graduation” and the ones after that. It may help you understand some things going on.

Harry left early in the morning to go to the music festival. You pulled into the nearly full parking lot at about 1 pm with your 14-year-old daughter Darcy in the front seat and your 6-year-old twins Sophia and Trevor in the back seats.

“Are the Malik’s going to be here, Mom?” Darcy asked you.

“Well Zayn IS in One Direction, darling,” you answered.

“Okay, well Tristan just told me that he’s at that hot dog stand over there. I’m going to meet him, okay?” Darcy said.

“That’s fine, have fun! Meet us back stage at 5, okay? Your dad is performing at 5:30,” you told Darcy as she walked off. You immediately took the twins backstage to go see your husband Harry along with the rest of One Direction. You were about to go in when security stopped you.

“I need to see your pass before you enter, miss,” the security guard said.

“I’m Harry Styles’ wife. I’m with One Direction,” you attempted to walk past the guard, but he stepped in front of you.

“Mmmhm…” he said sarcastically, “Ma’am, no pass means no backstage access. Please make your way out.”

“Sir! I don’t need a pass! My kids want to see their dad! Please just let me through, Harry Styles is my husband!” you pleaded.

Harry walked in at the right time, “Hi honey! Is the security guard disturbing you?” Harry put his arm around your waist and glared at the security guard.

“He said I needed a pass to see you, sweetie,” you responded. Harry gave the guard a death stare and took Sophia’s hand and walked you guys away. As you were walking, Trevor even kicked the guard’s ankle!

Harry took you to 1D’s dressing room and knocked.
“Who is it?” you heard Liam say.
“Harry,” your husband replied.
Zayn opened the door.
“Zayn, is it okay if (Y/N), Sophia, and Trevor come in?” Harry asked. Zayn looked around the room and nodded. You and your family walked in. This dressing room was so cool! You totally weren’t expecting it to be so big!

It was a square-shaped room. So you walked in through a door in the lower left corner. In front of you was a TV on the wall and a couch. You looked to your left and there was a snack table against the wall, a couch, rug, and two arm chairs. If you stood on that rug and looked forward, there was a table with a bunch of chairs around it. To the right of that table against the wall was a countertop between a refrigerator and a pantry. If you looked beyond the table, there were 5 vanity mirrors and chairs. In the upper left corner of the room was a big walled-off changing room with racks of clothes, both male and female.

Danielle was sitting there on the couch on Liam’s lap with baby Mia in her arms, watching the news. Niall was making his girlfriend Lucy a snack on the counter while Lucy was sitting at the table. Eleanor was making Louis try on different clothes in the dressing room. Perrie was sitting on the couch by the snack table with her youngest son Wyatt while Zayn was getting a bowl of M&M’s.

“Wow! This is so cool! This is the first time I’ve ever been inside of a dressing room!” you exclaimed.

“It’s so cool, right?” Harry said as Trevor and Sophia went to join Zayn in getting candy, “Get used to it because we are going to be spending most of our time in here. There are thousands of teenage girls out there just waiting to mob us. I think we all can agree we would rather be in here. Plus, we’d rather not deal with security. It’s really hard to get backstage.”

For the rest of the time until about 4:55, you had fun watching TV, doing fashion shows with the clothes and accessories provided, eating candy and chips, doing each other’s makeup, and raiding the pantry and fridge. When your watched read 5:10, you got a little worried because Darcy was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago. The boys were already rehearsing in the dressing room! Then it hit you. Security! You sprinted towards the backstage entrance and the security guard was standing there by himself.

“Excuse me, did a teenage girl and boy about 5’6”or 5’7” come by and try to get in? They claimed that they were Zayn Malik’s son and Harry Styles’ daughter?” you desperately asked.

“Yep,” he drearily responded.

“Well did you let them in?” you questioned.

“Nope,” he replied.

“They were telling the truth! UGH! Do you know which way they went?” you asked. The guard pointed. You looked in that direction and found Darcy and Tristan sitting on a bench, literally right outside the backstage entrance.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry guys! Here, I’ll lead you to the dressing room,” you told them as you walked in the direction of the dressing room. You walked in and the boys were all singing “Kiss You” while the others in the room were dancing around to their music. Darcy and Tristan sat down on the couch very close to each other. Tristan put his arm on the back of the couch behind Darcy. (That picture of the guy next to the picture of Darcy is what Tristan looks like.)

Finally at 5:25, the boys took their places on the side of the stage, ready to walk on. Jordin Sparks walked off the stage and the host announced, “You may have heard of a British-Irish boy band out there. They have sold millions of albums and have appeared on hundreds of stages. Please help me welcome to the stage… ONE DIRECTION!!!!!” The crowd went absolutely wild! 1D went out there and rocked the songs “Kiss You” and “What Makes You Beautiful” while we were backstage dancing and cheering them on.

After a few more performances by other artists, it was time to go. You took your kids home while Harry stayed behind to help clean up.

How’d I do? :D
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@i-am-a-prisoner Omg thanks so much! I have sets already made, waiting for imagines to be written. :) @nessicaro Thanks so much!! <3333



More Than A Group : One Direction. ♥

More Than A Group : One Direction. ♥

One Direction is a British-Irish boy band formed at X-Factor in 2010, consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. We are not fans of them, we are Directioners. ♥
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