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Beach beach and more beach stuff. I've noticed a lot of photo spreads and bloggers throwing in the occasional baseball cap into an ensemble. They were never the height of chic, but I still think they make a girl look totally cute. My sister put on her husband's cap this weekend while we were out on the boat. She hadn't tucked her hair behind her ears or anything and she looked 20 years younger and utterly cool. I tried telling her this and she scoffed and her husband said she looked like a redneck so what do I know? But I think we're onto something with this baseball cap thing, I really do!


Wrote two years ago
I like the way a girl looks when she has long hair and pulls her ponytail through the strap on the back of the baseball cap. I think Murphy Brown might have been the first one to do it. When I had shoulder-length hair & bangs I did it when I was hiking... it was cute, and so comfortable!

Wrote two years ago
Awesome summer look!

Wrote two years ago
so lovely!

Wrote two years ago
Great set wanna wear this Marni pant:)

Wrote two years ago