Summer time is all about looking like you have bronzed, fresh, glowy skin - even if you have to cheat to get it. 
(You can switch up any products you'd like, I'm just giving you the ones I've used, really like(d), or are currently using.)

Preperation ; 
• Wash your hads before touching your face, to get any excess oils off.
• Exfoiliate your skin once a week with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and daily with Clean & Clear Morning burst. 
• After you exfoliate, apply a layer of Jergen's Natural Glow. This is a gradual tanner that gives you just a bit more color, & doesn't break you out, plus, it has an SPF 2O. 
• (Optional) Right before you do your makeup, apply Clinique 'Dramatically Different' Gel. It may be expensive for some people ($25 where I live), so that's why it's optional. It just hyderates your face a little more. 

Makeup Routine ;
For summer time, I would suggest wearing all waterproof makeup. 

• Apply a layer of Smashbox primer (or any primer, but make sure to get one for YOUR skin type). Primer just ensures your makeup will stay on longer.
• After letting the primer absorb into your skin, & dry, blend a BB Cream or a Light-Coverage foundation into your skin with a Stifling (sp?) brush. 
• Next, use the Maybelline 'Dream Lumi' Touch Concealer under your eyes (Get a shade LIGHTER then your skin tone, it brightens up your eye area & complexion), & any other imperfections. 
• After that, using a kabuki brush, swirl it around in my powder and buff it on your skin in circular motions. This sets the concealer & foundation.
• I suggest just cream products for summer. So take a cream bronzer (Tango Bronzing Stick from NYX), and place a little on your fingers, blending it around your face & neck evenly. 
• (Optional) Take a powder bronzer (ELF bronzer&blush duo, $3. VERY pigmented) & with an angeled brush (ELF $1) contour your cheek bones, your temples, neck, & forehead. 
• (Optional) Take a cream blush ('Boho Chic' or 'Glow' by NYX) & dab on the apples of your cheeks. 
• Apply a little bit of the Falsies Flare mascara, waterproof version. 
• Finally, chapstick & you're good to go. 

Night time ;
All of this BEFORE your night time shower.

• If you have long hair, pull it back into a pony tail & put a headband in your hair. 
• Remove all your makeup at night with Neutrogena makeup remover wipes ($5 a pack at Target. AMAZING. I don't have sensitive skin, but I've heard people that do have sensitive skin, it breaks you out). 
• Wash your face with Philosophy 'Purity' One-Step Facial Cleanser. 
• Just to ensure all your makeup is off (& to treat any zits or blackheads you may have developed) wash your face with the Neutrogena 'Pink Grapefruit' facial wash '($6/7 at Target)
• When in the shower, run a washcloth over your face. 
• After you're dried off & in your PJ's, go ahead & put lotion over your face. I suggest PONDS, it really makes your face soft & smooth. 

Hope you girls enjoyed the tipp(:
- Bea // @italianvintage //
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