Chapter Two. 

I sat down on the park bench that overlooked the duck pond, with the ducks catching bread from little kids and people jogging and walking over the bridge. It was a nice place to sit but I was too upset to take in the view I sat staring at my tears hitting the ground beneath my worn out converse. Not long later someone sat beside me, I didn't budge I just kept still I didn't want to see anyone now. 

"B, are you alright?" yeah it was him... No not my dad it was... Bieber, not the one I wanted to talk to right now. 

"I Just have a lot of thinking to do Justin, sometimes I just think my dad loves you more than me and it breaks my heart." The tears came down harder "I'm sorry Biebs, I'm sure you have better things to do or hear about." 

"Beth, don't ever think that, your dad loves you more than you could ever know, he constantly talks about you, it's non-stop!" he smiled, and when he did I felt something in me, but I just ignored it. 

"Later, I need to go talk to my dad." I waved as I jogged back to my dads.

I ran straight into my dads arms when I got home, I cried my eyes out like a baby in his arms, I apologised and explained how I felt. "Beth, I love you always, I'm sorry for not showing it all the time, you're my little girl." He kissed my forehead. My daddy was back and I loved it, I missed him and maybe this summer won't be so awkward...

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