Hi guys, Tay here! 

I have a few points today....

1. Shoutout to @the-tip-diary! i tip on this account and it's AWESOME! Please follow us and join our taglist to be tagged in all of the sets we make!

2. I'm taking requests for @live4music55555 my personal account, or @the-tip-diary where I'm a tip girl :D so PM me if you have requests!

3. Anyone want to do a like for like?? PM me :)

That's it! So here are a few summer trends....

1. Crop tops 
- omg guys these are everywhere and they are so cute! Especially paired with....

2. High waisted shorts
- you can find these at basically any "teenage girl" store, ex. forever21, pacsun, aeropostle

3. Studs
- these are super cute on sneakers, shorts, or on the shoulders of a shirt! and you can get a bunch for super cheap online on Ebay or Amazon and glue them onto anything you want :P

4. Crosses
- these can be on basically anything like studs...they can be made out of studs for all I care! The tank top in the set is super cute and it includes the next trend....

5. Galaxy print
- guys have you seen DIY's for galaxy print sneakers? I've been dying to make some myself but I feel bad for the shoes if I mess up! Ok so they're not alive I should have said I feel bad for my wallet :( lol :P

6. Toms
- I don't think i have to explain this one :P

7. Tie front tops
- you can DIY this too! Just google "DIY tie front top" and you should get a bunch of tutorials :D

8. Denim
- Not denim as in jeans, but denim in chambray shirts and things like that! super cute :)

9. Sleeveless blouses
- I don't think I have to explain this one either :D

10. Round sunglasses
- Such a retro trend and they're super cool - you can get a pair at forever21 for less than 5 dollars! (As you might have already guessed, I have an undying devotion for F21 :P)

11. Fringes!
- I love fringes on shirts, or on a cute crossbody bag, which leads me to my next point....

12. Crossbody bags!
- These are super casual and perfect for any summer outfit! They're usually light, too, unless you want to stuff it with books or rocks or something....don't know why you'd do that....

Thanks for reading this! Comment "I <3 Summer" if you read the whole thing! 

Luff Choo!
- Tay <3

My lovely taglist <3

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Wrote three years ago
I <3 Summer.

Wrote three years ago
No problem, doll!

Wrote three years ago
@ella122499 YAYYYY thanks! :D

Wrote three years ago
I <3 summer!


You're the best! :-)

You're the best! :-)

Be yourself, be the best!

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