Sorry for the long break in between sets! Wow. 6 days. Not good. Anyways, I have some sad news: I am going to sleep away camp for 2 weeks. There will be NO internet. I'm going with @stonewallstar and @kyle-is-a-whale , and I really can't wait, except I won't be able to go on polyvore :( I'm leaving on Sunday, and will be gone for 2 WEEKS D: After that I'm going on a cruise, so my sets will also be infrequent. But after that, I'm free to go on polyvore all I want! I'll definitely post another set between now and Sunday, but I just wanted to get that out there. Anyways, on Sunday I had a party at my beach house with @cherryberrie-is-a-lemon @rosemoon33 @kyle-is-a-whale and a bunch of other people from my class. We went to my beach house and the beach and went swimming! It was really fun, ubt slightly awkward because there were only 2 boys. But it ended up being the best beach party I've ever had. Wow. That was long. If you read the whole thing, comment about whether you're going to summer camp or not.
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