♒ Kamoana "MAUI"
age; 16
god/goddess parent; Aphrodite
likes; lizards, teen fashion magazines, bandeau bikinis
bio; Hawaiian native Maui counts herself as part of the camp's surfie girl gang. She often brings her iguana Mr. Zog {whose real name is Eddie Aikau after her favourite surfer}out with her on surfs. He mainly holds onto the nose of her board for dear life, though she's convinced herself that he enjoys it. Maui is generally an open and very friendly girl, though she is prone to being self-centred {a trademark characteristic of a child of Aphrodite}without realising it. Most days, she tries to keep her half-sister Malibu company while sunbathing {another of Maui's favourite camp pastimes}on the rocks in the middle of the water, but there's really only so much of Malibu's unpleasantness that she can take at a time. Lately, Maui's been having strange dreams about seeing a man in the caves beneath the falls, which is strange since there are positively no men on Aeaea...right?
model; Devon Aoki
taken by; @sophiaspastic

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