supaaaaa. hellluhhhoo! brethren, tis your dear caity ewizabeth ex oh. @caityelizabethxo I'm on a crazy sugar hype and this will prob take me like 3 hours but idc.. lol #lazyday ahahah so IM BACK OFFICIALLY. loll I've been sooo inactive you have no idea! :( I'm so sorry so I'm going to make it up to you by publishing as many drafts as possible this summer. i leave for california in nine days, though, so i'll try to be active while there, too, but i think once i come back home (after 3 sun soaked weeks in CALII!!) i'll be more up and running(: ok sooo; any requests for me and the other team members as a whole or specifically, please pm this account! thank you guys:* we appreciate your support and feedback ! xo

so onto this set. i hope you guys like it. i've been gathering information on summer trends for this summer (2012) from magazines, books, and websites, as well as what i see in real life on the streets and in stores so i hope this helps a ton of you. some of these may have been featured in my winter, fall, or spring trends fashion tip sets, but these are just ideas of what are "in" for this season, as well. so just letting uk(: another heads up, this is mostly a fashion trend tip but i will add a few random summer trends into this tip, like recreational, food-related, entertainment trends, etc. &-> also, if you have any add-ons or questions, please don't be afraid to comment! thank you(: ok lesssgoooo*

> ombre hair: this is mostly for girls with black or brown hair. it's extremely pretty and it also just adds some flair to your summer look. it's trendy, summery, and easier to pull of with darker hair. i really wish i was a brunette bc ombre's almost invisible on blonde hair :(

>sperrys: finally. my favorite shoe everrrrr. i just got gold metallic ones and I'm in love. people say these are only for like, boating or wealthy preps and silly stuff like that, but that's only where these shoes originated. it doesn't mean everyday people can't wear them though.. haha(: so i highly recommend these. they ARE a bit preppy, but there are so many unique styles to choose from that can fit your own style, so please do your feet a favor and get one of the very few pairs of shoes that allow you to go without socks(: ahahha

>printed pants: this is a surprising new trend i've seen celebrities bring to life lately. kristen stewart, beyonce, whitney port, audrina partridge, rihanna, victoria justice, and olivia palermo, AND SO MANY MORE. when i say printed pants, it means a couple of things. regular jean-looking pants with floral prints, patterns, or even paint splatters on them. that's a first idea. second, there are leggings and jeggings with galaxy patterns or black & white stripes, etc. GAHH. too hard to explain. if you're confused though, type in "printed pants" into google and you'll find your answer. they aren't too shabby, to be honest. i recommend getting yourself a pair because they're actually flattering for any body(: and they add a certain spunk to any outfit if you're tired of looking plain and boring this summah (:

>sunglasses: OH BOY. if you don't understand why people wear sunglasses 24/7 then you're clearly crazyyy! it is SUMMER TIME! the sun is out and usually scorching and too many rays harm your eyes. so cover up those beautiful irises and corneas ! ahahha(: but really, any protection of your eyes is beneficial and should always be used.

>heart shaped sunglasses: i really like these! they're really cute and i highly recommend you get them in a cute color like pink. like i said above, sunglasses, no matter what kind, are good for your health.

>high waisted shorts: these are my favorite bottoms ever. sooo many places are selling these and they're going out of stock really fast. these are so cute when dip dyed, studded, torn, and decorated. like runwaydreamz shorts and urban outfitter shorts! (:

>studded phone cases: whether you have an iPhone, blackberry, or htc or droid or any other name brand phone, i suggest you get one of these. the pyramid studs are made into different patterns and arrangements on the regular phone case, and you simply just snap it onto your phone. cellaris and have AH MAZING studded covers!!! :D

>american flag tops: these are so popular. wild fox, nasty gal, and so many other brands make these tops. I'm like in love with them. way to be patriotic! ;p

>tory burch flip flops: with the tory emblem on the front and different colors and styles to choose from, you seriously cannot go wrong with burch sandals or flip flops. i'm in love and wish i had a pair of my own :( perfect for pedicures, the beach, or just everyday summer. even poolside.

>sun kissed skin: BRONZE BODIES. isn't that every girl's dream? whether you're skin tone is already dark, or ghostly white, people still are aching for tan skin.. this is a trend i KNOW by heart. because no matter how many times i've tried to tan i never do get there aahah. i wish. but i know the urge to want to be so tan first hand. i love looking darker and bronzer hahaha. but don't use tanning beds. PLEASE I BEG YOU. they're unhealthy. and just gross. but thats just my opinion! (: if anything, go to the beach or get a spray ! (:

>fringe bags: i think that these are really in and boho. i really like ones with long long fringe along the front of the bag that cascades down. short fringed bags are soo cute too. especially leather and espresso brown ones! (:

>crossbody bags: OMGEEEZ. i like these a lot because they cause less back pain, and they simple have one long strap to go around your chest and shoulder, and its so much less a hassle than shoulder bags and clutches! haha(: the black cross body bags are so fashionable and simple and you can seriously pull one off-- no matter what brand it is! whether it's dior or dsw ! (:

>bandeau bikinis: these are sooo sooo cute! they're really cute and better than triangle bikinis in my opinion! just be careful they don't fall down too easily! :D waves at the beach beaded bracelets: these are always around. however, at the mall and on instagram, i have seen a lot more of these lately. with crosses, buddhas, fringe, evil eyes, elephants, words, skulls, etc. etc. no matter what your beaded bracelet looks like, it's definitely in this season, so wear it while it's a fad now. lol. we all know how quickly the fads our society creates die.

>sideways crosses: on bracelets, phone covers, clothes, necklaces, rings, these are so cute! i hope people don't see them as sacrilegious or anything! they can be especially cute on beaded bracelets! colorful crosses are really cute too! if you consider yourself a hipster, get one! tumblr is overflowing with these.

>backless dresses: i don't know when these grew to become so recognized. i think for adults and red carpet celebrities, these are the norm. but for teenagers, they suddenly fit their way into our woodwork. what a trend! whether the shoulder line cascades around your full back and ends at your lower hips, or there's just a simple showing of your back in a more conservative way, backless dresses are in right now for clubs, parties, and other occasions. just be careful and don't show TOO much skin. this is a fashion risk on its own. but it's cute! :)

>sheer tops: GAHHHHHHHHHHH. wwhhherrrreeeee are the sheer tops. THEYRE SOLD OUT ALMOST EVERYWHERE. i hate this. IM SO IN LOVE WITH SHEER TOPS. whether they're good enough to only wear a bra, bandeau, tank top, or nothing underneath, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG. short sleeved, tied/knotted, cutout, long-sleeved, tank topped, UGH. LA LA LA LOVE.

>mint green: so yes. this is a trending color right now. mint green has gone from the color of the gum we chew-- to the clothing we wear. it's not surprising. pastels have always been popular. whether you have the soft color of mint in your jewelry, hair, nails, makeup, clothing, or accessories, it'll look great!!

>thong sandals: these are really cute. steve madden, as usual, has the best, in my opinion. but tory burch and other shoe designers also love this shoe style. it's like a flip flop, but like a gladiator at the same time. you can't go wrong! :) i got my pair from tj maxx, so basic thong sandals are great. doesn't have to have a famous brand name on it to look good! take my word.

>stripes: oh, the patterns we will wear! stripes weren't my favorite trend when they were popular in winter. on me, stripes don't look too good or flattering ahha(: but that's just me ! :3 i think rather than black and white stripes, you should try colorful stripes. they're better for dark skin tones. however, if you're a pale skin tone, white and black is the way to go. I'm in the middle, so i just prefer no stripes at all. just my idea (:

>converse: no words. we all know how popular chuck taylors are, and forever shall beeeee(;

>crochet: this is an especially popular sweater and dress design. it's really lightweight and cute and sophisticated. not too confusing but just right (:

>neons: neons are bright and eye-catching, which is great. make sure this summer that you POP. look to include some neon somewhere in your outfit once or twice this summahhh :)

>uneven nails: by this i mean putting (for example) white nail polish on every finger except you put gold nail polish on your index finger.. orrrr just rotating a pattern of colors like blue then gold on each finger so blue on one, gold on the next, and repeat. something new (:

>beachy wedges: instead of wedges with plain bottoms, try the weaved ones or beachy looking ones that are usually crocheted or weaved and come in colors like tangerine with cream accents, or just neutrals like tan, cream, white, etc. get it? (:

>belly button piercings: i don't get these. hahaha don't know what to say. if you have one, it's obvi ok. I'm just not all for them :/ no likey! :( sowwy!

>corset tops: these are like bandeaus but with straps, and a little bit longer.

>bright florals: BRIGHT FLORALLSSSS like blood red, electric blue, and clean grass green. lol. those three colors intertwine perfectly on a floral top. look for three basic colors that mesh well together as florals.

>chic buns: these are big now. a majority of female celebrities have been wearing these out in town in LA or wherever they go, and on the red carpets and at big events. they're really cute and like the ballerina bun! (: if you don't like sweaty hair in your face during annoying humid summer days, and you don't like messy buns, either, go for a chic bun. CALLS FOR patience, and LOTS of bobby pins. look at some of our hair tips or on style websites! :*

>crop tops: we all know how to wear these. but two things; wear high waisted bottoms with them. and never show your belly button or piercings! those are both big NO-NO's!

>cage tops: my friend got one of these from based in san fran. i really like it! it's white and it's basically square cutouts in a shirt. i love them! they're so cute and cutout tops are so in! (;

>cobalt wedges: these are in almost every "hipster" picture on tumblr. all the pretty girls in dresses wearing them. lol. i saw regina george wearing cobalt wedges so i wore cobalt wedges. JUST K I D D I N G. so if you don't know what these are, look though a hipster tumblr lol or just search it on google. MAN GOOGLE IS A FINE PIECE OF CLASS. tssssssss. #justloseit #imsocrazy #leavemealone #imweird #nowait #comeback !!!!!!! kk… -_- so ya ; cobalt wedges are ZOOOO kawaii.

>dip dyed hair: so many people on instagram have pictures of their dip dyed hair and I'm so jealous. it's too hard to decide which color, and i feel like i'd regret any color . at first i wanted to do every single color of the rainbow on my blonde hair, but it felt weird to do that, ahhaa. ENOUGH OF ME. i think this is a great artsy way to get in the summer mode and do what your school probably wouldn't allow you to do! :D

>tight tribal print skirts: you've prob seen these before, right? they're tight fitting; called body con skirts? i love em! and now all girls are wearing these tribal/aztec printed skirts like them and I WANT IN! grrrr. they're real cute for summer! (: colorful aspect of them is what stand sour the most, so don't get plain neutral tribal skirts. bo to the ring.

>hi-lo skirts: zoo popular. in the high fashion and hipster/boho nyc stores i saw a lot of women dressed in these with like corset tops or flowy tanks. they're very high in front and low in back. sort of drapey and graceful but breaking the rules of fashion too. these also come as dresses too!

>jumpers: these have come around every summer. they're stylish and an excuse to wear something that rides up your butt. lawlz. no . they're adorable. GET ONE . selena gomez and american eagle's lines have cute ones! (;

>toms: these are HAWT. comfy and simple. you really can't go wrong. choose your style and color and cha ching. you got dat nice ish on yo feetsies.

>vans: these shoes are so in. omg you have no idea. why are vans taking converse's spot. NAWT KEWL. i like the variety you get to choose from color-wise with these summery sneakers! :D

>superga sneakers: these are amazing. i don't know why. they're like the new version of converse-- just a little heavier and clunkier-- but don't get me wrong. they're really cute!

>yellow: this is a reallyyy cute summer color! i recommend really vivid yellow for darker skin tones, and lighter sunny yellow for fairer skin tones.

>sperrys: finally. my favorite shoe everrrrr. i just got gold metallic ones and I'm in love. people say these are only for like, boating or wealthy preps and silly stuff like that, but that's only where these shoes originated. it doesn't mean everyday people can't wear them though.. haha(: so i highly recommend these. they ARE a bit preppy, but there are so many unique styles to choose from that can fit your own style, so please do your feet a favor and get one of the very few pairs of shoes that allow you to go without socks(: ahahha

>twist bands: i never understood these at first, but once i started wearing them, i enjoyed emmmm. they come in different colors and are a lot cuter and more stylish on your wrist, so it's the illusion of.. is it a bracelet or a hair tie???????! z0mgz. hahaha.

>perforated belts: leather belts with holes or patterns made of big imprints in the belt itself are so cute and are like a mix of cute and preppy, with boho and hippie. these belts have bee around a while, but now i see more and more of them. i recommend you get yourself one, preferably from american eagle, because theirs are really great.

>retro watches: no more classy marc jacobs. those are for spring and wintahhhh. lololjk. wear wharves you want! but retro colorful rubber watches are really IN right now! GO GO GO GET ONE. bringin back the retro. #throwback i like them in the brightish neon colors. g shock? is that considered retro? lol idk.

>tie dye: tie dye tops and shorts are really cute. urban outfitters does tie dye shorts really well, and tie dye tops are too easy so you can do those yourself at home. the best part is, you don't even have to do the tie dye part perfectly, it still looks cool no matter how it comes out!

>studded flats: steve madden, props to you. of course steve madden isn't the first company to sell studded flats, but steve sure does know how to sell out fast. studded flats are amazing. especially for girls looking for a certain edge to add to their outfit. it's really hard to stud shoes yourself, so i recommend buying yourself a special pair from wherever you can find them. they are AH DORABLEE with jeans. i wish i had my own pair hahah(:

>vineyard vines: calling all preps. vineyard vines is no longer for ties only. at first, you'd think the company actually does only sell silk personalized ties, but they don't. they have bags, baseball caps, clothing, accessories, sports equipment, and even phone covers! it's crazy creative and the perfect company to attract people who like boating, sperrys, the hamptons, and the beach. hahah. at least that's what i've seen. it's not that expensive, either. i mean, the ties are. but uk, unless we're shopping for dad…

>color blocking: the simple idea of using colors that work together nicely to create a not too crazy outfit. if this isn't enough of an explanation, simple google it or check any tabloid or style magazine.

>band tees: whitesnake. nirvana. pink floyd. kiss. def leopard. all the bands you could imagine. band tees everywhere are getting big. they're extremely popular and perfect for just a regular walk around outside or just hanging at the beach or pool. i honestly wish i owned every band tee shirt in the world. they're sooo cute and stylish, at least that's my opinion. even preppy people can rock a band tee.

>dip dyed shorts: whether with bleach or color, dip dyed shorts are all the talk and it makes me want to jump on the bandwagon so badly, but i'm too lazy to make myself a pair, so i'm getting my own pair from runway dreamz or urban outfitters. those two sell the dip dyed shorts at quite the unreasonable price, but dip dyed shorts call for a lot of work and craftsmanship, as well as creativity so who can blame em? but i wish everyone would buy themselves their own dip dyed shorts because i SWEAR you are simply missing out on one of the best summer trends ever. period.

>5O SHADES OF GREY: lolololjk. only for our mothers.. unless you're A HORNBALL. lololololomg i need to be locked up in an asylum. i m gooinnn cray crayy!!!! O.o

>maxi dresses: enough said. these things are huge right now. perfect for barbecues, vacations, hanging outside, pool parties, family get togethers, so many more occasions. i love the zig zagged striped ones the best. in navy too! (:(:

>colored jeans: tons of companies have come out with brand new jeans in all different colors; white, green, red, electric blue, yellow, and even pink! these are by far, wayyyy better than average jeans that come denim-only. and with colorful bottoms, you can wear simple neutral tops and shoes ! (: just don't go to over the top with some concoction like yellow shoes with pink jeans and a green top. ahhaha(: don't look like a fruit parfait. look tasteful yet adorable!

>colorful blazers: on the runway this season, these were the talk. i think that kim kardashian can wear a colored blazer very well. people should give her more fashion props. she's more than just the junk in the trunk brat. lolz so anyway, my main idea with these colored blazers is to keep your color plan simple. by that, i mean a tasteful colored blazer like creamy orange, with matching colored shoes, and a simple pair of denim or white jeans and a basic neutral top. be simple, but coordinate colors so you don't look like a big colorful billboard ! HA.

>back lace: i see tons of tops every season with different patterns & colors of lace on the backs, and it's really cute. never though people would catch on to this trend the way they have. laced back tops are also really cute with jeans! you can dress back lace up OR down! (:

>statement necklaces: statement necklaces always appealed to be for old women only when i thought of them. but apparently they can be rocked by any age group.

>polka dots: yes, patterns are STILL in this season, including polka dots. they're actually flattering for any shape. but this season, try patterns with smaller, more simple polka dots, rather than big, flashy ones splattering the piece of clothing. those are clunky.

>one piece swimsuits: i NEVER imagined these would look good on teenagers. never. i always though they were for old women who go to the YMCA and stuff. ahahah but other than swim teams who wear these one piece swimsuits, I'm talking about everyday one piece swimsuits that you can wear to your friends pool, the beach, your country club. even with floral print, one pieces are now in. wow. the actually look really good. trust me. i've seen it firsthand (: ahaha

>slicked back hair: hahha this was SOSOOSOOOO popular on the fashion runway, and even my little cousins slick back their hair with gel or water-- and they're girls. slicking back hair is no longer for boys only! look into it with magazines and you're hair stylist and you can easily find a cute way to make it work! (:

>flower hair garlands: by garlands, i mean wreaths. this is also a confusing trend, because of its many aliases, like daisy garland, head wreath, flower hair headband, etc. …so you should google pictures. def. lol(: however, we made a tip set previously on how to make your own out of daisies, if i'm correct. and you should definitely refer to that tip for a DIY help. these head garlands are for girls on the boho/hippie side aahha(: but i'm not saying other people can't try to rock them, either!! lol ;) they're like simple wreaths made out of a single strand that goes on top of your head or as a loose headband and they're made of flowers-- of any kind! omg i just made this all the more confusing.. loll(: sorry!

>jawbreaking clothing: WORN AND APPROVED BY 3/5 of ONE DIRECTION!! ahahah ok so i'm not sure when this clothing line started, but the clothes are incredibly cute. the creator of all the tops models the tops on the website, as well, which i think is awesome. she's gorgeous, also. ahhaha. JEALOUS -_- anyway, since the line began, lots of celebrities have been seen wearing jawbreaking tops.. i.e.; danielle peazer, zany malik, liam payne, emily osment, megan mace (of megan & liz), niall horan, kylie jenner, pierre bouvier (of simple plan), etc. i HIGHLY recommend you buy yourself one of these tops. they're pretty reasonably priced and perfect for any mood.

>peplum dresses: these are zoo cute. i've seen them everywhere. they're basically plain little dressy dresses, then they have a big ruffled layer that circles around the stomach area of the dress! they're really new and cute. stylish especially! :D

>mullet tops: the names of these tops speak for themselves. just like the famous hairstyle, these tops tend to be short in the front and long in the back, like billy are cyrus old haircut. just saying, just saying (; i have tons of tops like this and i love love love love love demmmm! (: you can even tuck them into shorts or jeans in the front or b

>change of hair color: this is so popular right now. and lots of people can pull it off. especially kelly osbourne! (; don't go too crazy, but think outside the box. you want to change your hair color, not change your identity.

>sally hansen salon effects: LOVELOVELOVE. these nail polish sticker/strips are so extremely clever for people who aren't too skilled with self-manicures and/or dislike paying too much for a salon manicure. you simply choose any of their pattern selections and then follow the instructions on the clear box. it makes the illusion of whether or not your nails were done professionally or not (; always a PLUS+ !

>stacked bangles: this has always been quite a trend in my eyes! it's sophisticated and stylish. it can turn an everyday jeans and tee outfit into something even better! don't underestimate the science of putting bangle on top of bangle (:

>oversized sweaters: it's freaking summer. yet i still see pictures of celebrities wearing cable knit sweaters that go past their hips or just average pullovers that are too big. i think if it's summer in san francisco or somewhere cold this season, a cute oversized sweater is great! just don't sweat too much !

>wildfox clothing: this is one of my favorite clothing companies. it basically has amazing logo tees with fun colors and designs on them and i'm seeing them everywhere. they're expensive, though! so maybe ask for one of their tops for a special occasion! :)

>fro-yo: everyday i see more and more pictures of people eating fro yo and now that the heat has gone up people are obviously looking for an escape from the usual cold dessert like ice cream. so go for fro-yo. it's healthier than ice cream! choose your own toppings and where you get it from. it can be a little expensive but if you're a first timer with frozen yogurt, let yourself enjoy it at least once!

>feather extensions: these are really cute and decorative for your hair especially for this summer! this is the new getting your hair beaded in the bahamas or jamaica. lol! i like the colored feather extensions best. this trend has grown so much that even little boys wear these now (*cough cough* tori spelling's son) :P

>tan tattoos: these are all the new buzz. ahah(: i love the word BUZZ ! anywaaayy :D if you don't know what a tan tattoo is, it's putting sunscreen on your body in any certain shape or form you wish (i.e.; heart, cross, smiley, etc.) or by putting an actual object in any of those shapes on your body. (preferably on your hip, ankle, rise, stomach, etc.-- nowhere like your upper chest, thighs, or other areas because that looks cheesy -__-) you can even use silly bandz(: so the idea is that when your whole body gets tan, but that area that was covered by the sunscreen or object doesn't get any sun rays, that object will cover your skin from the sun and when you take the object or sunscreen off your body, the skin underneath your body will be fair and lighter than your tan, making some sort of a tattoo looking print. if you don't get it, google it (: hahaha

>ciaté caviar nail polish: this is a really small trend as far as i've seen so far, but i think it's going to blow up soon and be big. it's actually not a bad idea. it's nail polish with little tiny beads of different colors (depending on bottle) that go on your nails after the polish. it's really clever and the beads look a bit like caviar, hence the name(: i really suggest you try these out! (: plus.. i like to run my fingers along my nails sometimes just to feel how cool and textured it is bahah(: #weirdgirlproblems -_- :D

>colored top eyeliner: you really don't know what you're missing if you don't have your own colored eyeliner. it's AMAZING. purple eyeliner was my latest purchase and i think that it is a miracle worker with my green eyes. look into magazines or websites or ask a makeup specialist which color is best for your eyes. time to put away the black eyeliner-- that's for fall + winter (: summer's all about the colors that POP!

>bright lipstick: celebs and runway models during spring fashion week were sporting bright lips that popped. so go for bright lipsticks this season. and also, before applying lipstick, add gloss or balm to your lips so the stick stain stays for longer, and so that the color is better apply clear gloss over (:

>sleek ponytails: lauren conrad. all hail that girl. her sleek ponytails are a natural born gift! she doesn't even need a stylist to do it for her! the idea of these is to take a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie so it looks more polished and neat. and the shine of your hair really shows after its all wrapped. google pictures of this, too, if you want. (:

thats all for now. ahahha hope that was enough! (: XOXO
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