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Today is 1 year after Tsunami hits Japan[2011/03/11]
Can be I'm represent of Japanese ppl to say thank you to all ppl around the world to help us,for donate money,preys for us. 

Specially,thank you to my polyfriends who ever preys for me,my friend[Stephanie].
It's means a lot that bringing me&Japan to stay strong till now.

The day after Tsunami we're finding the way to re-building likes,I'm said before "Thank you so much ppl around the world",I never realized how much i love my country till we lost of course i love my country from a bottom of my heart.

I can't find the words to describe how sad,how happy so gladful for today we stay safe&walks toward to the Post-Tsunami.Nowadays Japan is back to normal[but always be causion]..
only in the memories from the past that we can't bring it back.
Res In Peace to all ppl who lost ,you're in my memory.

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