The Sun Child

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    "Elysia Lacuna. The Sun Child." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She's the object of everyone interest friend or stranger. She seems so honest and open yet still remains a mystery." — @bunny-bisous
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  • amelia zadro
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    "How can one so young be so wise? What is she like alone? Why does she seem to have such a attraction to flowers? What made her want to run away?" — @bunny-bisous
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  • trudes
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    "Her eyes- like the universe. They look so old but shine with youthful vitality nonetheless. They luminate beauty like two beacons of fire that light a path directly towards her. You can't help but feel a gravatational pull towards her." — @bunny-bisous
    None of the photos on this tumblr are mine unless stated otherwise.
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    "Shes very tan because of her love of sunlight." — @bunny-bisous
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  • Other-Wordly | pronunciation | el-‘E-zhan (el-EE-sian as in...
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    "This is what her name is derived from, she picked it herself when she was 9 as a gift for her birthday her original name was original Blanche but she hates that name because of Blanche Duboir. She despises her." — @bunny-bisous
    pronunciation | el-‘E-zhan (el-EE-sian as in vision)
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    "Her house buried deep in the wood, Chale discovers it by accident. Its huge and grand but unkempt and over run by the wild surrounding it. Most of it reamains empty and unused but Elysia likes her own company." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She rides her bike everywhere. It has flowers all over the basket." — @bunny-bisous
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  • sweet dreams are made out of these
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    "She decorates her hands with henna a lot. Floral patterns mainly." — @bunny-bisous
  • tropical oasis
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    "She also has a car, an old 70's people carrier, she picks up her friends for school in it. It has this sticker but also has the words 'Hogwarts Express' sprayed on the side" — @bunny-bisous
    hannah / 18 / adelaide
  • Resultados da pesquisa de no Google
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    "She also wears a lot of rings. They feature, astrological symbols and crystals. He later learns when Elysia teaches him palmistry, that a lot of hand jewellery means the person is hiding their true selves." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She loves to wear flowers in her hair. She likes to hide behind them because she thinks their more beautiful than her." — @bunny-bisous
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  • ☮ larissa ☮
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    "She gets this yin yang tattoo in LA off Quinn Anderson's auntie." — @bunny-bisous
    my name is larissa. my blog is personal / vertical / boho / modern, anything i like to reblog or...
  • kawaii grunge | Tumblr
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    "She calls herself this, nobody realises until the end why." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She is a big believer in eternal youth and enjoy it while you can." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She combines urban and natural things all the time. It represents the devastational contradiction of good and evil within her." — @bunny-bisous
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  • May These Memories Break Our Fall...
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    "She complains this to Chale after a fallout with her boyfriend Ajay." — @bunny-bisous
    Hiya =) Thanks for stopping by ♥ I'm April. 21. From Yorkshire, UK. I love girly, vintage, whimsical, nature like things. I also romanticise everything, and I'm a daydreaming, music loving,...
  • devoured.
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    "She loves sunflowers especially. Chale first realizes he loves her when she is wandering through a field of sunflowers singing." — @bunny-bisous
    and in that moment, the earth swallowed the moon whole, and all was devoured.
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    "Shes a bit of a trippy hippy. Has a liking for pot and acid." — @bunny-bisous
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  • rain rain, never go away
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    "She always makes the best of every situation. She is all about having fun. Nobody finds themselves in a boring situation with her." — @bunny-bisous
  • Crush Cul de Sac
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    "She also loves paint and draw. She's very artistic. A truely talented artist. She paints a lot. She first meets Chale whilst painting wilted flowers in the forest. She likes to draw flowers." — @bunny-bisous
  • a city lit by fireflies
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    "She has manic wanderlust. The thought of being cooked up in a small town in the middle of nowhere any longer drives her crazy. She say this to Chale during her party when they're alone upstairs." — @bunny-bisous
  • The World Wall Art Print
    "She is intrigued by everything, especially new places. She wants nothing more than to discover and experience the new. Anything for a change." — @bunny-bisous
    Art Print decor by Andy Warhol. The World, and other artists wall art, posters, and prints for home wall coverings are available.
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    "Flowers are her everything. They expres her in everyday. She sees flowers as a metaphor for everything. She loves them for their poetic perfection and beauty." — @bunny-bisous
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  • so indie its an art
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    "She reads alot. She reads all types of books, moderns and classics. It's her serious obsession. She reads to escape. She's forbidden to travel so travels through the books she read and leaves a part of herself everywhere she visits with everyone she meets" — @bunny-bisous
  • Sick Sad World.
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    "She teaches the gang how to lucid dream. She craves control over her dreams. She can decide where to go in the world. She can go to the plces and meet the people that only exist in books." — @bunny-bisous
  • mossy membranes
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    "She loves all things gently beautiful. She prefers the lone daisy to the dozen red roses. The delicate flame of a candle to the brightness of a bulb. The beauty of someone's eyes rather than their beauty overall." — @bunny-bisous
    ask about archive favorites myself flickr polyvore ♫♪ kurt tribute The world is beautiful.
  • daisies in my hair
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    "She draws alot of pictures of hands in her notebook. It's her way of keeping a diary. It documents how she feels for each picture wether it be a pair of hands, a scribble, wilted flowers, a friend face. This means her feelings are kept hidden from others" — @bunny-bisous
    lily | fifteen | smile
  • katiejeaux Instagram
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    "To know her is to love her. She is a ball of enery to powerful to tame." — @bunny-bisous
    katiejeaux's photo on Instagram
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    "Shes different for the sake of being different. She does things because she wants to and she feels comfortable doing it." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She has a sunflower on her leg." — @bunny-bisous
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  • File Pink Elephants on Parade Blotter LSD Dumbo.jpg
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    "She likes LSD a little too much. She always balances it on her thumb and recites "mange sur de la pouce" a french idiom meaning to eat on the thumb." — @bunny-bisous
  • BARNES & NOBLE | Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Random House Publishing Group | NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook
    "Her favorite book. She always quotes "See the cat, See the cradle?"" — @bunny-bisous
  • Reality Escapes Her
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    "She likes to go barefoot so she can fel the earth between her toes. "I think better this way. Like I'm part of the wart and I streets for thousands of miles to every corner of the earth to see it all."" — @bunny-bisous
    I'm just a clumsy, hazel-eyed girl from a small town who likes interesting pictures and inspiring...
  • wat now????"s quote use :)
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    "One of her most enigmatic quotes. She occasionally drops in something like this causing her friends to worry. But she quickly breezes over it." — @bunny-bisous
  • g0lden-waves
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    "She is wise for one so young. She does things that people cannot understand that leaves everyone thinking do they really know her?" — @bunny-bisous
    Maite, 15, Spain. // Music, summer, photography, friends, tumblr & CHOCOLATE // // online
  • mango-blossoms
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    "She doesn't have a religion "because i have a conciense" she claims but she does quote religious figures a lot like Buddah." — @bunny-bisous
  • if only i could reboot my mechanical heart
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    "She smokes alot. Chale and her always chain smoke." — @bunny-bisous
    "the condom is the glass slipper of our generation." ☪ goddess of california, crescent moons, and...
  • New 10cl bottle size for Smirnoff vodka
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    "She drinks too. Chale was amazed to see her polish of a bottle of vodka in one. Turns out hse smokes and drinks so much as a death wish." — @bunny-bisous
  • closings: On a calm day by **mog** on Flickr.
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    "Her mother is an architect and her dad is a maths teacher at a private school. They don't care about her, not really. They think she is off the rails and lost with her head in the clouds." — @bunny-bisous
    closings: “ On a calm day by **mog** on Flickr. ”
  • Under Tha Sea
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    "She also loves sex. She likes the intimacy with someone she truely loves. "It's never the same with a spontaneous hook up. I feel nervous. When I'm with Ajay, I feel safe."" — @bunny-bisous
    Marissa Kaitlin Eighteen/ Senior '13/ Pisces/ New York 90210, H&M, boots, MAC Cosmetics, Disney, Shwayze & Cisco, black dresses, Chiddy Bang & Xaphoon Jones, Lilly Pulitzer , Mod Sun, Vera Bradley,...
  • Random Funny Photos Part 140 (50 PICS) - Funny Photos on imgfave
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    "Shes a feminist." — @bunny-bisous
    A fun image sharing community. Explore amazing art and photography and share your own visual inspiration!
  • photo
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    "She hates school, but is very intelligent. Straight A student." — @bunny-bisous
  • ☯ Misanthropy
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    "She likes to sleep and laze away her days doing nothing. But painting, reading and smoking with her friends. She hates that she'll have to have a job and work in the future." — @bunny-bisous
    ✞ | Madi | 17 | Australia | ✞ This blog displays things that interest and appeal to me. - enjoy.
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay, Just Because « Pink of Perfection
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    "She looks up to the poet and nymphomaniac Edna St Vincent Millay." — @bunny-bisous
  • 伤疤可以愈合
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    "She draws symbolic pictures like this a lot in her notebook." — @bunny-bisous
    sydney. 16. bands & plants. flannel. hair dye. the 9O's. nature. kawaii. poems. new england. dreamer of happiness.
  • pay attention to me
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    "She very outgoing, but is also very thoughful and introspective at times. It scares them how she can suddenly be silent and still after being a million likes an hour seconds before." — @bunny-bisous
    hi i'm stella i live in canada and it sucks everything is overrated idc
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    "She has a very relaxed tatse in music. She likes The Drums, Lana Del Rey, The vaccines, MGMT, Grizzly Bear are some of her favorites." — @bunny-bisous
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  • "book" American Sign Language
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    "She is bilingual. She speaks French, Sign language, quotes, sarcasm and sexual innuendos." — @bunny-bisous
    The sign for book in American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Likes | Tumblr
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    ""Isn't it strange that the moon is completely dead, it's A mound of lifeless rock floating in space, yet it's one of the most beautiful tranquil things I have ever to see. Everything becomes more beautiful after death don't you think?"" — @bunny-bisous
  • beautiful, black and white, boy, cute, fashion - image #320843 on
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    "Heath Mathers. They met at the age of 13 as two bookworms in a thrift store. He recommended The Hunger Games to her. She turned he rose up at it saying it would be teen trash but she ended up loving it. She is the person she trusts the most in the world." — @bunny-bisous
    Inspiring image beautiful, black and white, boy, cute, fashion, fwhi, gorgeous, guy, hair, knit, model, sweater #320843 - Resolution 500x457px - Find the image to your taste
  • ☯meowmeow❁
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    "Another one of her most poingant quotes." — @bunny-bisous
    makemestfu: “EVERYTHING RELATE ”
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    "Chale Harding. She met him when he was wandering in the woods on and found her. They hit it off because they share a love of such Somali things." — @bunny-bisous
  • "Oh but they're so spaced out"
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    "The first thing she says to Chale." — @bunny-bisous
  • hippie | Tumblr
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    "She has undiagnosed mania. Which is why she is always so lively, fun and crazy." — @bunny-bisous
  • Alex Pettyfer - Photos de Alex Pettyfer - Teemix
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    "Quinn Anderson. He's Ajays best friend but him and Elysia are in the same art class. She secretly sees through his mascarade and feels for him an his desperate family life. She doesn't have the heart to say anything." — @bunny-bisous
  • Tumblr
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    "She knows she's depressed. She's suicidal. She won't admit it for her friends sake because she just wants them to be happy and carefree, and not worry about her secret self destruction. Her mania is self inflicted to hide it." — @bunny-bisous
  • Pallas cat (kitten) - a photo on Flickriver
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    "They adopt a homeless stray cat in Jacksonville and name it Stanly." — @bunny-bisous
    Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more...
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    "She can read palms like books. She often sits around reading the gang. She's also into tarot cards." — @bunny-bisous
  • jeremy young | Tumblr
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    "Ajay Vice. Her boyfriend of 3 years. They met on the first day of highschool when they were both looking for a place to smoke without getting caught. They're not similar but they love eachother dearly despite all their problems." — @bunny-bisous
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    "She sprays this on the side of someone's house at a party in Dodge City, Kansas. She ends up getting chased away and the cops called on her." — @bunny-bisous
  • real eyes, realize, real lies.
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    "She's an erratic driver. Floors the pedal and doesn't break till the last second. It's a death wish." — @bunny-bisous
  • so-bo-h0
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    "She's very sensitive to vibes. She can feel the tone of a room just from the air. She doesn't want to surround herself with negative vibes, even if they are radiating from her friends. She will leave them for her own good, making her selfish." — @bunny-bisous
    wildflag: “p-i-n-k-c-o-r-a-l: “ spritz a little ” this is needed ”
  • FloralScrapbook on Xanga
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    "She carries a notebook with her wherever she goes. Chaos often finds her writing in it late at night, she never allows him to see it. She also has a private sketchbook." — @bunny-bisous
  • Tumblr
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    "She's skinny without being bony. Unlike her friend Esta, she is immune to socities pressure to weigh less than 100lbs and have thigh gaps and exposed ribs. She was ''Thin, but damn she was curvy. I mean seriously, she would put Jessica Rabbit to shame.'" — @bunny-bisous
  • breakfast at tiffanys – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice
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    "She's was too classically fictional to be true. Chale describes her as the classic 'manic pixie dream girl' that he thought did not exist beyond the pages of the books he reread again and again and the mind of John green." — @bunny-bisous
  • breakfast at tiffany's
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    "She was like an apocalyptic combination of every chaotic, mesmerising, devastating, enchanting manic pixie dream girl." — @bunny-bisous
  • byezombie: alecxinwonderland: ♡ ♡ ♡ qqq
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    "She was Holly Golightly, she was Alaska Young, she was Jane Erye, she was Lux Lisbon, she was Leslie Winkle, she was every single thing I loved balled up in a body of a tantalisingly bewitching girl." — @bunny-bisous
    byezombie: “alecxinwonderland: “ ♡ ♡ ♡ ” qqq ”
  • Live The Life You've Dreamed
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    "She hates her parents. They want her to be 'a well mannered innocent little schoolgirl that hasn't got pissed or smokes 20 a day or prefers the comfort in the prepossessing words of Kurt Vonnegut rather than the mathematical bullshit of Pythagoras.'" — @bunny-bisous
  • Beauty Quotes For Girls
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    "Heath says this to Chale after Elysia provides hem with fake IDs. She just grins at them waywardly in reply." — @bunny-bisous
    Here are some of my favorite quotes about Beauty. As we live in a world full of beautiful things sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. For beauty can be staring you right in the face and other times it is not so easy to find. To everyone one of us beauty means something else. Share these inspirational beautiful quotes and sayings with me. And may they motivate you to stop for a minute and take in all the beauty around you.
  • fuck yeah gingers
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    "Esta Karamatt. Elysia crazy party girl bestie. They've been best friends since they were 6 when they argues over who was the first zombie princess for Halloween. They are a lot but are alway there for eachother." — @bunny-bisous
  • Some Bizarre.
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    "She describes herself as porcelain. She never says why. Heath concludes that she is porcelain because 'she is so beautiful but so easily broken and even is she can be repaired, she'll never be the same for all the fractures will remain.'" — @bunny-bisous
    porcelain doll
  • Always Act Like It's Summer
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    "Her hair is golden. Not bright blonde or shining brown but golden. Like a glorious stream of honey torrentimg off her head in sublime waves of sunlight that caress her slight shoulders as they fall and encircle her waist." — @bunny-bisous
    Summer blog I'm sorry but I can't follow back. Personal blog:...


Wrote two years ago
Excellent job in creating a Mary Sue! You also need to do research into Buddhism, seriously.

Wrote two years ago
amazing story, totally mesmerised xoxo

Wrote two years ago
@sonia-10 thank you so much! It's just a story I came up with I might publish it one day! You never know look out!!!

Wrote two years ago
I love this story and pixtures ver much!<3
great job!:D


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