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1. What is your favorite TV show from the 90s? Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.. And Boy Meets World.
2. Is there a historical site you would like to visit?
Seattle, home of Alternative music and grunge. :3 Plus many others.
3. Favorite artist, classical or temporary: Dali
4. A movie you saw on a whim and ended up loving?
5. What would your coat of arms look like?
Probably black, white and red. A lion on it maybe?
6. Do you collect something? What?
Books... Many, many, many books.
7. A character trait you envy your friends.
Not being affected by everything.
8. An accent or dialect you think sounds cool.
9. Your favorite cocktail.
Fuzzy Navel or a dreamsicle. Total weakness for orange juice drinks. :3
10. If you could spend a day as your favorite character from a book, who would you chose?
Oh no! I couldn't chose! But maybe Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments. Not as her per say but maybe another Shadowhunter. :D
11. An old, slightly odd song that you know all the lyrics to. George Thorogood- One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer

1. current mood? Slightly creative
2. happy song? Cee Lo Green- F*ck You
3. color of your soul? Gunmetal Gray
4. last concert you've been to? I went to Wicked.. That was a musical though.
5. biggest dream? To continue to survive and thrive.
6. biggest fear? My son being disappointed in me.
7. inspiration? My beautiful son, he's so funny and smart.
8. favorite century? 20'th, the Victorian age, Roaring 20's, Alternative 90's... So many good decades
9. city you'd like to live in? Seattle or San Francisco
10. black or white? Black
11. question you never answer to? Are you asleep?

1. Favorite Movie?
2. Late Night Snack?
3. Favorite Perfume/Scent?
4. Beach or Pool?
5. If you had a Million Dollars?
6. If you were invisible what would you do?
7. What would you eat for your last meal?
8. Favorite song to listen to when you're sad?
9. Silver or Gold?
10. Favorite website besides Poly?
11. First thing you do when waking up?

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stunning set sweetie i love it so much!!

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